Introduction of a Novel Edible Fungi Sterile Open Inoculator

The novel sterile open inoculum of edible fungus was developed by Hu Wenhua, the technical director of Edible Gastrodia Gastrodia breeding field in Yiwu Bay, Hubei province. It is a fully-open type without electricity, without steam, without drugs, without alcohol, fumigation and sterilization. Working vaccination equipment. One person can work independently, but also 2 to 3 people can co-produce. The survival rate and yield of inoculation are as high as 99%.
The sterile open inoculum of the edible fungus is locked by an aseptic purification device and an inoculation operating table, and a stable and stable sterile purification space is formed during the operation. The operator can directly perform bare-separated transplantation on various types of edible fungi directly on the operating platform. , Subsequent expansion and reproduction of the parent species, the original species, cultivars in the entire process of the full open inoculation production and cultivating bag planting vaccination, no toxic pollution. After inoculation, the mycelium germinates quickly, and the growth potential is strong. Generally, the culture vessel can be overgrown in 8 to 10 days, and the yield rate is over 99%. It also has the advantages of excellent performance, low cost (about 3 to 5 yuan for self-made materials), easy operation, high work efficiency, and so on. Fully capable of meeting the requirements of mushroom farmers and edible mushroom workers “Four nots”, ie, no electricity (including ultraviolet radiation, etc.), no steam, no drugs (alcohol, formaldehyde, and potassium permanganate, etc.) The vaccination kit will open the vaccination request. It completely solved the problems that former farmers and edible fungus workers had to inoculate and sterilize, closed operations, etc., and made the sterile open inoculation of edible fungi a reality.
For details, please visit our "China Gastrodia Edulis Net" or "China Gastrodia Net" view. Contact person: Hu Wenhua (technical director), Liu Hourong (director) telephone number, 8721779, 4800313 Edible fungus Tianma breeding farm in Yiduwan city, Hubei Province Post code: 443318 China Gastrodia fungus net: http:/ / Email: QQ

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