Food storage period pest control

Improper food storage can lead to worms, rat bites, mildew, etc. The following pest prevention measures can be taken: 1. Exposure. Before the grain is put into storage, choose sunny days to be exposed to 3 to 5 cm thick exposure on the cement field. At noon, the grain temperature can reach 45°C, drying for more than 4 hours, turning once per hour, and killing the moths such as wheat moths and guinea pigs, as well as repelling corn elephants. 2, low temperature insecticide. In the northern and high-cold areas, the food stalls are chilled outdoors in winter or early spring, and the stacking thickness is based on the temperature within the grain layer below 0°C, and freezing for more than 6 hours can kill corn elephants and corn hulls. 3, bitter buckwheat leaves pest control. The buckwheat leaves are dried to a half-dried condition. When storing grain, put a layer of bitter buckwheat leaves on every 15 cm thick grain layer. To cover the seeds strictly as a standard, stack three layers. The top layer of buckwheat leaves should be thicker. Can also be buckwheat leaves, fruit crushed by 0.4% of food quality layered in the grain heap, the last layer of appropriate sprinkle. 4, Rosin pest control. After crushed, the rosin was placed in a gauze bag, placed in a multi-point storage container, and finally sealed and sealed with a plastic film. Usually 500 kg of food is divided into 3 layers of 0.5 kg of rosin. 5, wormwood pest control. As long as there are scented wormwood can be used to prevent insects. Put a layer of dried wormwood on each 15cm grain layer and stack 3 layers. Each layer is covered with strict food. In addition, wormwood may be replaced by Chinese herbal medicines that have insecticidal and anthelmintic effects such as Litsea cubeba, eucalyptus leaves, vermonia, calamus, and the like. 6, orange peel, red pepper, ginger pest control. The three substances are dried and crushed and can be mixed in equal or unequal amounts. Each bag is packaged in 50 grams of gauze, and 500 kilograms of food is distributed in three layers of 10 bags. The plastic film is sealed and stored. In certain areas, aromatic plants such as peppercorns, aniseed fennel, and cumin can be used to replace one of them. 7, tobacco stem pest control. The tobacco stem contains nicotine, nicotine and other toxic substances, which can control a variety of granary pests. Stored with oysters, put chopped stalks 10 cm thick at the bottom and upper part of the pots; store them in cylinders, place chopped tobacco on the surface of the grains, seal them with plastic film after capping. In this way, the new grain can be kept for 8 months without insects. 8, camphor leaves pest control. Put a fresh citron leaf in the grain tank or grain bag to prevent pests. Can also be sun dried crushed citron leaves according to 0.5% of the quality of stored food, mixed into the food. Toon leaves are often replaced better. 9, biogas pest control, exterminate. Regularly passing biogas into the grain or grain tanks and then sealing the grains or grain tanks can prevent pests from invading and kill pests that have invaded the grain storehouse. In order to allow the biogas to quickly infiltrate into the grain pile, a porous bamboo canopy around the bottom without holes can be inserted into the grain heap, and then the biogas can be passed into the bamboo tube for 10-20 minutes to kill the insects. When food is piled up in bags, it is first sealed with plastic film and the biogas is closed.

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