Correct use and maintenance of 480 diesel engine

As a supporting power for light vehicles, agricultural vehicles, small tractors and generator sets, the 480 diesel engine has a wide range of uses and is well received by users. At present, the amount of such models in the market is very large. In the course of use, whether the diesel engine can be reliably operated and whether the service life can be prolonged is closely related to whether the user is properly used and is seriously maintained. This issue is briefly discussed as follows:
First, the correct use of diesel
1. Requirements for fuel, oil, and cooling water In general areas, fuel oil No. 0 is used in summer, light diesel is used in winter No. -10, no inferior diesel can be added, and engine oil uses CC40 (or CD40) in summer and CC30 in winter ( Or CD30). Diesel engine oil markings do not match, oil viscosity will directly affect the diesel engine start-up performance and performance. The cooling water should be of clean water quality. It should not use well water or spring water containing more minerals to avoid corrosion and poor heat dissipation. Antifreeze can be added in winter, or water and water can be added every day.
2, start the diesel engine to do a good job before the start of preparation, whether the oil surface is within the scope of the specified tick (upper middle of the best line, the oil surface is too high there will be a fault in the coaster), cooling water is full, and then Start with clutch disengaged. If it does not start up, stop for 2-3 minutes before starting. If it fails to start three times in a row, check the cause of the fault and restart it after troubleshooting. Otherwise it may be easy to damage the starter and the circuit.
3. After the diesel engine is started, if the diesel engine is started, in case of idling, listen to whether there is abnormal noise, see if the oil pressure is normal (0.2-0.4M hole), the water temperature indicator is correct, and see if there is any leakage, oil leakage or diesel leakage. If yes, turn off the flame immediately and remove it before starting the inspection. It is forbidden to work with machines to prevent accidents from expanding.
Second, take seriously the maintenance of diesel engines. Drivers often say: driving is not maintenance, but also busy at the end, meaning that some money is also posted on the repair. The importance of maintenance can be seen.
1. Maintenance of new machine running-in For the new machine, after 50 hours (or 1000km) operation, oil sump oil, oil filter, and oil in the injection pump should be replaced in time. Prisoner sanding machine parts, oil ducts, etc. cannot be cleaned very cleanly. After a certain period of running-in, the internal burrs, sand grains, dirt, etc. of the machine are mixed with oil in the oil, which is not only unfavorable for lubrication, but will intensify. The wear of moving parts reduces the service life and must be replaced.
2, after the maintenance of the run-in
(1) The oil and oil filter should be changed every 250 hours (or 5000km). If you do not replace it for a long time, the oil will become more and more dirty, its pressure resistance and wear resistance will be greatly reduced, the piston ring and the cylinder sleeve will not be well lubricated, and early wear will occur and burn oil, between the tile and the shaft. It will also accelerate the wear and tear, increase the clearance, reduce the pressure of the oil, and cause a vicious circle. In severe cases, there will be defects in the boring and boring.
(2) The air filter (dry) is cleaned every 50 hours (or 1000km). When cleaning, remove the filter element and remove the dust. Then use the air pump to blow the small dust from the paper to the outside of the paper. Then remove the air cleaner cavity, dust collecting plate, etc. and clean the filter element. Installed. Each filter should be replaced every 250 hours (or 5000km). It is unscientific if the filter element is not cleaned for a long time, or never cleaned, and replaced directly after 250 hours of work. When the dust on the air filter element builds up more and more, one reduces the amount of air intake, affects the engine power, and secondly, the dust in the suction cylinder will be more, forming carbon deposits, just like grinding sand, exacerbating cylinder liners, pistons The wear of the piston rings leads to burning of engine oil, lower exhaust, and failure of the engine.
(3) Always check the radiator for clogging. The pump pumps butter once every 50 hours of operation. Poor heat dissipation and leaking of the water pump will cause the water temperature to rise. The high temperature of the engine will make the piston ring lose its elasticity. In severe cases, sticking cylinders and holding cylinders will occur, and the engine will not operate normally. After 200 hours of accumulative work, the diesel filter should be replaced, otherwise it will take a long time. If the dirty diesel enters the fuel injection pump, it will cause the fuel pump to jam or block the wear of the auxiliary pump. There will be internal leakage of the pump and the supply pressure will be insufficient. The dirty diesel will enter the injector. It is easy to get stuck on the oil nozzle. The phenomenon of oil dripping and urine oil is serious. It not only wastes fuel, but also causes the engine to suffer from cylinder deficiencies and the work is not smooth.
To sum up, the correct use and maintenance of the 480 diesel engine can not be ignored. The lack of attention and maintenance of diesel, oil, intake, and water temperature all make the diesel engine abnormal or even impossible to operate. Therefore, only scientifically, correctly using and performing maintenance can make it better serve you.

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