Polyculture of prawn and frond ponds

Since the 1980s, marine aquaculture has always been dominated by shrimp culture. In recent years, with the prevalence of shrimp diseases, the yield and benefits of shrimp aquaculture have gradually declined. In view of this situation, our district has actively adjusted the aquaculture structure, optimized the breeding mode based on the introduction of fine varieties, and promoted the sustainable development of the aquaculture industry.

According to the characteristics of the resources in our district, the breeding quail has a unique advantage. The use of shrimp ponds for the polyculture of shrimp and raccoon, through the mutual benefit of symbiosis, to fully tap the breeding space at the same time improve the breeding efficiency, enhance disease resistance, reduce the risk of breeding, has promotion value. The polyculture technology for shrimp and raccoon ponds is described below.

1 Preparation of the pond

1.1 Selection of Ponds Shrimp farming ponds can be used. The required area is 1.3 hm2 or more, preferably rectangular, with an aspect ratio of 4:1. The surrounding embankments are strong and smooth, and the bottom is a muddy bottom.

1.2 Pond clearing After the pond was out of the pool in the previous year, the pond was drained and exposed. One month before breeding, trim the pond and use a plough to plow till the bottom of the pond, but do not use a forklift to dredge thoroughly. After that, quicklime was disinfected and the dosage was about 1500kg/hm2 to kill the protozoa.

1.3 Influent Clear pond 5 to 7 days after the start of the water, inlet 80 ~ 100 mesh sieve mesh filter to avoid miscellaneous fish, shrimp and fish eggs into the pond. The first time the water intake is less, the water depth control is better than just the bottom of the pool.

2 seedlings

2.1 Selection of Seed Types and Standard Seed Selection The natural sea catching seedlings with uniform particles, bright color, no parasites and no wrong shells are selected. Specifications are in the range of 240 to 300 capsules/kg. The seedlings contain impurity ratio within 5%, and the survival rate is above 98%.

2.2 The spreading density is generally 600-750kg/hm. If the particles are small, the spreading density can be appropriately increased.

2.3 Spreading method Using spade and other tools, the fry seedlings were sprinkled into the culture pond. It is required to spread evenly and do not cause local density to be too high or too low.

2.4 Seedling Time The sowing time of fry seedlings is selected from April to May every year. Should be about 15 to 20 days before the release of shrimp.

3 fertilizer water

Rich food organisms help ensure the consumption of edgy beetles, which is also a key factor in increasing production. After sowing, the pool water is deepened to about 0.5m, and then fertilized to cultivate bait organisms in the water. Apply chicken manure at 150kg/hm?2. Can also be put in fertilizers, fertilizers put the amount of specific reference to the amount of reference can be used.

4 shrimp stocking

Shrimp stocking is conducted from the end of May to the beginning of June. Shrimp seedlings were selected to have a uniform body, a clean body surface, good vigor, and healthy gastrointestinal fullness. The stocking amount is 120,000 to 150,000 tails/hm?2. When the seedlings are released, they must choose the morning of the day and avoid the rain or windy weather.

5 feeding

Frizz only feeds on the algae and microorganisms in the water and does not need to feed artificially. Prawns can be fed with artificial diets and the amount fed is 5% of the body weight of the shrimps. When feeding, we insist on the principle of timing, quality, and quantity. At the same time, according to the shrimp feeding intensity and other specific conditions (such as molting, rain) to control the amount of feeding.

6 Water Quality Management

In the early stage of cultivation, water is mainly added, and water injection is 10cm every 7 to 10 days. After the fill, a small amount of water is changed regularly, changing the water every time by 10 to 15cm. In the middle and later stages, depending on the quality of the water and the food in the water, it is necessary to appropriately increase the amount of water exchanged to maintain the stability of the food organisms in the water and the freshness of the water. To ensure the feeding needs of frizz and the good environment for the growth of shrimp.

7 daily management

Observe the ponds on a daily basis and observe the growth of shrimps and pelicans, the changes in water quality, and the feeding conditions of shrimps. Measure water temperature, pH, salinity regularly and make daily records. Especially on rainy days, it is necessary to avoid the death of shrimps and edulis due to excessive changes in salinity in the water.

8 Disease Prevention and Control

In the breeding process, antibiotics and other drugs should be regularly applied to prevent the occurrence of shrimp disease, and timely feeding of baits to improve the immune capacity of shrimp. Pay attention to the removal of the organisms that are harmful to the growth of shrimp and raccoon, such as crabs, and take timely measures to find the disease.

9 harvest

After more than 4 months of cultivation, the shrimp can be discharged by mid-October and can be caught by pulling nets and shrimps. Frizzs can reach the specifications of 60 to 80 grains/kg from the 11th to the 12th months and can be harvested. The method is to drain the pool water and use iron shovels to trap the raccoon.

10 conclusions

Implementation of polyculture of shrimp and pelicans ponds, the cost of each 1/15hm2 in 1200 yuan, can produce 80kg shrimp, edamame 140kg, the output value of 3280 yuan, pure benefits of 2080 yuan, while the pure benefit of pure shrimp breeding is only 500 to 800 yuan. In view of this, through the implementation of polyculture of shrimp and raccoon, the breeding environment was improved, the risk of breeding was reduced, and a good ecological breeding effect was achieved. At the same time, it also improves the breeding efficiency and is a practical and feasible way for wealthy fishermen to get rich.

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