Pine black spot

The pathogen invades from the wound. Therefore, pay attention to avoid injury, protect the wound and prevent the onset of the disease.
(1) Strong seedlings are used. Before planting, seedlings must be dried for 2-3 days and planted on sunny days. Remove the diseased seedlings in a timely manner. (2) Carefully protect the fruit during harvesting, transport, and storage to avoid injury to the skin. Find out the symptoms and deal with them in time.
(3) Strengthen cultivation and management, pay special attention to drainage, reduce occurrence of seedling rot.
(4) After harvesting the fruit, use 25% carbendazim WP 1000 times solution or 70% thiophanate WP 1000-1500 times solution for 1 minute, dry and store; or Apply 10% phenylalcohol solution to the incision to prevent infection. For half a year after harvest, 1800 ml of Fuquan HB-101 stock solution (2000 ml in an area of ​​1,000 square meters) was diluted with water and the sprinkling soil was used once a month.
Before harvesting, use 1800 ml of Fuquan HB-101 stock solution (2000 ml in 1000 square meters) to dilute 50-5000 times of water to irrigate soil twice a month, and then dilute 50-500 times with 2000 ml of original liquid. Spray leaf surface twice a month.

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