Hammer mill use

With the development of the farming industry and livestock farms in rural areas, the prosperity of feed mills has been promoted. The hammer mill is used more in our province.
1. Installation is not necessary to move the hammer mill, it is best installed on the cement base; for the need to constantly move the hammer mill, can be the same as the power and pulverizer mounted on the wooden bar or iron frame . The discharging part is mostly made of powder-collecting cloth bags and is made of coarse cloth with good air permeability. The length is 4-6 meters and the diameter is 0.5-0.7 meters. The two ends are not sealed and one end is fastened at the discharge port. The other end Slipknot to prepare powder.
2. The power matching power should select the power and speed matching products. Hammer mills are available in many sizes and sizes and should be selected based on the power rating of the crusher nameplate. The speed of the crusher has a great influence on its production performance and must be matched well. The pulley configuration can be calculated as follows: Power pulley diameter = ? mm If using a flat belt drive, then the center distance of the two pulleys should not be less than 2 meters.
3. The operating method must check whether the oil and oil in the butter cup meet the requirements; the stones, iron blocks and other hard objects in the crushed material must be removed; after starting the machine, the raw materials can be fed only after normal operation; The feeding should be uniform and continuous; the bags should be beaten regularly, and when the aggregate volume reaches 1/3 of the bag volume, the powder should be discharged in a timely manner; after the feeding is complete, it should be continued for two or three minutes so that there will be no residue in the machine; Randomly increase the speed and overload to avoid damage to the parts.
4. Maintenance and repair Check the lubrication condition of the bearing. Generally every 8 hours of work, the oil cup lid needs to be screwed in one or two turns. Replace the hammer in time. The hammer is a consumable part of the crusher and can be exchanged according to the angular wear of the hammer. Each hammer has 4 corners, which can be changed and used 4 times. When replacing with a new hammer, they should all be replaced. The weight difference of each hammer must not exceed 5 grams. The pin diameter wear and the pin hole wear must not exceed 1 mm. When replacing the new sieve, the rough surface should be placed in the comminution chamber with a smooth surface facing outwards to facilitate powder discharge.
5. Troubleshooting and Abnormalities 1 The crusher generates strong vibrations. The main reasons are: loose anchor screws, base is not solid; or pulverizer speed is too high; or pulverizer rotor imbalance, check whether the hammer is stuck, whether the weight difference between the two sets of hammer is larger, the hammer arrangement Is it wrong?
2 There is abnormal noise in the crushing room. This is a crushed room into a hard foreign body; or crushing indoor parts fall off damage; or hammer screen gap, hammer plate gap is too small.
3 Production efficiency declines. This is the lack of power power; or the pulverizer rotor steering is not right; or the speed is too low; or uneven feeding; may be severe hammer blade wear, so that the hammer screen gap is too large; or severe wear of power; or drive belt slip; or feed The moisture content is too high.
4 feeding inlet material. This is because the powder bag is too small, the cloth is too dense, and the powder collection bag is too full, making it difficult to discharge the air flow; or the feed has a high humidity and a large amount of feed, resulting in clogging of the screen hole and the discharge port; or the rotor of the crusher. Did not turn right.
5 crushed particle size uneven. This is because the joint between the screen plate and the tooth plate is lax; the size of the screen plate used is improper; or the screen plate is damaged.
6 bearing overheating. This is due to improper use of lubricating oil, too much or too little quantity; or damage to the oil seal; or damage to the bearing; or spindle vibration and rotor imbalance causing machine vibration.

Medical Ward Nursing System

Eter Ward Information System is an indispensable important part in hospital digitization construction, which not only provides the powerful communication among doctors, nurses and patients, but also creatively offers the new functions of voice reminding, information issuing, information collection, information process, and etc. This system has truly achieved a leap of nursing quality besides the greatly decreased of the work intensity of nursing staff.
Features of Ward Nursing System:
1. Act as management center that can be linked to PC with WNS software suitable for hospital, where internal communication is needed and is easy to be operated.
2. The Master Host can support 200 extensions (Included bed extension, door extension, bathroom extension); WNS software can record and check patient information.
3.Nurse Extension can broadcast for ward area.
4.Smart Handle have LED night light.
5.Bath Extension can receive the signals of nurse arriving and ward inspection.
6. Door Extension equipped with multicolour door lamp, can indicate different situation by different colour.

ETR ward nursing system is composed of the integrated host (including operating software), management host, bed extension, smart handle extension, nurse extension, door extension, mobile extension, extra bed extension, bathroom extension, connection extension, corridor display and various extended control devices.


Ward Nursing System

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