Agricultural machinery maintenance do not mess with butter

Butter is a lubricant often used in the maintenance of agricultural machinery, because it is sticky, and some agricultural machinery uses it as a binder, but it should be noted that the following places should not be used indiscriminately:
1, piston ring. In order to avoid misalignment of the piston rings during installation, some agricultural operators have put grease in the ring grooves to stick the rings, which is a great hazard. When the engine is working, the butter forms a jelly when it is hot, affecting the elasticity of the piston ring, reducing the sealing performance, and producing carbon deposition, which aggravates the wear of the machine parts.
2, cylinder pad. Some agricultural operators put butter on both sides of the cylinder pad when installing the cylinder, thinking that it can increase the sealing degree of the cylinder. The opposite is true. Because the cylinder temperature rises while the engine is working, the butter quickly melts away and creates voids that cause the cylinder to leak. At the same time, the melting of butter produces carbon deposits that accelerate deterioration of the cylinder pad.
3, governor. Some agricultural machines are easy to install. Stick the ball with grease in the governor bracket. In this way, the copper balls are not easy to separate under centrifugal force after starting. However, once the butter melts into the crankcase, the oil deteriorates and cannot be used.

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