What is the difference between potassium sulfate compound fertilizer and potassium chloride compound fertilizer?

Potassium sulphate compound fertilizer is also known as sulfur-based NPK fertilizer. Unlike other compound fertilizers and compound fertilizers, sulfuric acid, potassium chloride, ammonium phosphate, and urea are used as the main raw materials and are chemically combined. Compared with compound fertilizers, it has high nutrient content, uniform particles, uniform color, and high nutrient utilization rate.
Comparing with potassium chloride compound fertilizer, because of the high chlorine content of potassium chloride compound fertilizer, it cannot be applied to tobacco crops such as tobacco, sugar cane, potato, tea, and sugar beet, and the content of chloride ion in the potassium sulfate compound fertilizer is lower than 2%. With wide applicability, it can be widely applied to all kinds of food crops and economic crops. It plays an extremely important role in the improvement of crop quality and yield.
In addition, since the potassium sulfate compound fertilizer undergoes a chemical reaction process, it combines the necessary trace elements such as boron, manganese, copper, zinc and other crops, thereby more effectively improving the utilization of trace elements in crops.

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