Melon pudding cake

Material Pudding (A) 400ml milk, 500g honeydew melon, a little salt, 200g sugar, 1 tablespoon agar powder, 1/2 tablespoon instant gel powder (B) 80g custard powder, 100ml milk, 4 Egg yolk (C) 30 g butter (D) Honeydew melon balls Appropriate amount 800 ml water, 150 g sugar, 3 teaspoons agar powder practice
1. Prepare a round sponge cake with a diameter of approximately 25 cm and slice it into two pieces.
2. (A) Boil, then add pre-mixed (B), continue to cook until thick; add (C) stir to mix into pudding.
3. Place a slice of cake in the unloading mold.
4. Put half of the pudding on top and cover the second cake.
5. Pour the remaining half of the pudding on top and then place the honeydew ball on top to cool.
6. Bring all the material of the agar layer to the boil, then stir in water; until slightly cool, pour on the pudding cake.
7. After cooling, put it in a freezer and refrigerate it for two hours, then remove it from the mold.
Tips When cooking pudding ingredients and adding (B) ingredients, keep stirring and avoid irritations. In addition, if the agar layer is too hot to pour on the pudding cake, the appearance of the pudding cake will be damaged.

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