Chicken poisoning method

Detoxification found that poultry poisoning, first give it plenty of water, promote its quiet, then each with 1 g sodium sulfate dissolved in 15 ml water gavage, and take 1 g of activated carbon to prevent poisons from being absorbed; refilling 0.1% high Potassium manganate solution 10 ml, degradation of the toxic substances in the digestive tract. For people who have been poisoned for a long time, they must also consume 40 ml of sugar water to detoxify as soon as possible.

Stomach lavage should be performed after 2 hours to 3 hours of poisoning. Where organophosphorus pesticide poisoning, gastric lavage with 1% to 5% sodium bicarbonate solution; zinc phosphide poisoning, gastric lavage with 1% copper sulfate; hydrogen cyanide poisoning, gastric lavage with 1% potassium permanganate solution .

Drugs to treat organophosphorus pesticide poisoning, injectable atropine 0.2 ml ~ 0.5 ml, pralidoxime 0.2 ml ~ 0.5 ml detoxification, or 0.01 ml ~ 0.1 ml belladonna per serving or each with 1% ~ 2% lime water irrigation Serve 3 ml to 4 ml, but it is not effective against trichlorfon poisoning. Organochlorine poisoning, can use 2.5 milliliters of atropine sulfate solution per milliliter of 0.2 ml to 0.5 ml intramuscularly, and served 1% to 2% lime 2 ml to 3 ml or dilute saline 10 ml. Arsenic, mercury and copper preparations are poisoned, and 4% ferrous sulfate solution and 6% magnesium oxide solution can be mixed in equal amounts, each of which is fed with 2 ml to 5 ml, and appropriate amounts of milk, protein, and starch are fed. Alkaline substance poisoning, dilute hydrochloric acid or vinegar can be used to neutralize detoxification; alkaloid poisoning, can use 0.2% potassium permanganate oxidation detoxification.

Surgical treatment of poultry poisoning, in the absence of antidote, if found promptly and quickly to take surgery, the cure rate of 100%. The method is: remove the roots of poisoned poultry's stomach, cut the skin and the crop with scissors or blades, remove the poison, rinse with potassium permanganate (0.1%) or ash filter solution. Then the skin and the hernia sac were sutured separately. Within 3 days after the operation, a limited amount of food should be fed to feed easily digestible food.

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