Wheat Scientific Fertilization Technology

Wheat is one of the major food crops in China. Breeding wheat seeds well is related to the issue of national food security. In order to achieve scientific fertilization, reduce planting costs, increase production and increase income, according to the characteristics of wheat and the high yield of wheat, the key points of the scientific fertilization technology for wheat are as follows:

1, base fertilizer

The basal fertilizer is applied in combination with ploughing and soil preparation before sowing. In the dry land, the fertilizer can be applied to the bottom of the plough, and then the soil can be turned over. The soil can be weighed heavily, and the fertilizer can be applied first, then ploughed, and the fertilizer can be turned into the soil. . High-yielding fields generally use 45% Stanley compound fertilizer with 40-50 kilograms, which can be mixed with farmyard manure and have better results. In low-yielding fields, Mushi 45% Stanley compound fertilizer 30-40 kg.

2, seed fertilizer

Appropriate application of seed fertilizer is beneficial to the complete seedling growth of wheat seedlings. Generally, 4 to 5 kg of compound fertilizer can be applied per acre at the time of sowing to avoid excessive usage and ensure that all seedlings are broadcast.

3, top dressing

1 turn green, get up fat: for the weaker wheat, in the turn green, the beginning of the period combined with water for top dressing, high-nitrogen compound fertilizer applied every acre or 15 to 20 kg of nitrogen fertilizer, in order to increase the effective delivery, and strive to obtain sufficient number of acres.

2 Jointing fertilizer: For high-yielding and high-yielding fields, combining 20-30 kg of high-nitrogen compound fertilizer per acre during the jointing stage will reduce ineffective tillering, promote sturdy stalks, increase the ability of wheat to stand lodging, and strive to harvest Large grain, grain and more grain weight.

3 Panicle fertilizer: conditional plots, in the booting stage combined with watering acres of high-nitrogen compound fertilizer 7 ~ 10 kg, can effectively reduce the deterioration of small flowers, increase the number of grains per spike.

4 Foliar fertilizer: In the early stage of wheat grouting combined with the control of wheat ear blast, spraying 1% urea and 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution 30-40 kg per acre can effectively improve the ability of wheat to resist dry hot wind and delay the growth of leaves. Aging, increase grain weight, and increase production.

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