Species Name: Tufted Campanula

Scientific name: Campanula glomerata

Alias: Bellflower, Gabriella Campanula

Family: Campanulaceae family: Campanula

Distribution of origin: native to Western Europe.

Morphological characteristics: It is a biennial herb. Plant height 40 ~ 100cm, stem upright. Leaves alternate, ovate-lanceolate, base leaves long-stalked, upper leaves half amplexicaul. Corolla narrow bell-shaped, diameter 0.8 ~ 1.8cm, length about 2.5cm, blue or white.

Growth habit: hi cool and dry climate, not high temperature and humidity. Should be well ventilated calcareous soil. Flowering from May to September.

Garden Uses: Campanula flowers are elegant, exquisite and lovely, suitable for summer floral arrangements, high-type for flower or cut flowers, short multi-potted plants for viewing or arrangement of rock gardens.

Breeding and breeding: sowing, ramets, and cuttings can be propagated. General spring sowing, germination temperature of about 20 °C. Spring and autumn bred. More cuttings than spring. Over winter, care should be taken to prevent the cold, and seedlings need to be shaded appropriately.

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