Wear patterns of parts and measures to reduce wear and extend life

Parts increase in wear as work time increases. There are three different periods of wear rate before a repair or replacement is required: stable wear and wear in severe break-in periods.

Running-in period - newly assembled parts, due to surface roughness and geometrical deviation, the actual contact area between parts is small, the load per unit area is large, the oil film is not easy to maintain and the wear is strong, after running-in according to the running-in specification, The surface condition enters a condition suitable for working conditions and the wear rate is reduced.

Stable Wear Period - Part wear increases in proportion to working hours, and is generally slow. However, when the use and maintenance are not elaborate and the working conditions are poor, the degree of wear of the parts may still be greater.

During the period of severe wear-accumulation of parts wear and tear, increase in the clearance of fittings, increase in impact load, the formation of lubricating oil film is difficult, and parts wear accelerated, and repairs or replacements should be made in time.

The measures to reduce the wear of parts are:

1. Each lubrication area has clean and sufficient grease lubrication.

2. Air and fuel filtration work to prevent abrasives from entering the interior of the machine.

3, to avoid overloading the machine work.

4. The tractor minimizes the number of starts, especially today. Do not apply traction tractor walking start, reducing shaft and tile wear.

5, the working temperature of the engine should be kept normal.

6, timely maintenance and adjustment.


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