Nepenthes (Figure)

Scientific name: Nepenthes mirabilis

Aliases: pig cage

Distribution: Distributed in Southeast Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Africa, Madagascar and northern Australia, is a perennial herbaceous species.

Habits: Warm and hot, the required humidity is not lower than 24 °C. Shade when the sun is strong. Need high humidity or foggy environment.

Morphological characteristics: The plant height is about 1.5m. Leaves alternate, leathery, midribs elongated into tendrils, 2-16cm long, insectivorous capsule at the top, light green small cap; narrow fins, ribs. Flowers unisexual, dioecious. The racemes are 30 cm long, without petals, sepals red-brown.

Breeding and cultivation: Propagation by cutting or sowing. The cultivation medium is a mixture of multi-fibre peat, sphagnum moss and sand.

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