Control of Humid Humidity in Layers

Chicks are not strict on the humidity, generally 1 week of age humidity controlled at 65% to 70%, 2 weeks old 65% to 60%, 3 to 4 weeks old 60% to 55%, brood later reduced to 50% to 60 %. High humidity is not conducive to the absorption of residual yolk in the chick's peritoneal cavity, and it can easily cause coccidiosis and mycosis; humidity is too low, chicks are prone to dehydration, and dust in the air is prone to induce respiratory diseases. In the south, the humidity can generally be achieved. In the north, it is necessary to moisturize. The method of replenishing moisture is to disinfect the water in the brooding room or sterilize the chicken. Disinfection with chicken can add humidity and clean air.

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