White spiderweed

White-spotted spiderwort, also known as light-bamboo leaves, is a perennial herb of the genus T. arundinaceae, and its roots and branches are rooted. Many flower growers hang as potted plants. Also commonly cultivated are mosaic varieties, with white stripes on top, strong growth and easy cultivation.

This grassland produces South America, and it prefers a warm and humid climate. The suitable growth humidity is 15-25°C. In a fearful sun, it should be born in a bright scattered light place, and the soil requirement is not high. The cultivation and management of white spiderweed is simple, and it is usually only necessary to keep the soil moist and high in ambient humidity. The drought was inhibited by the growth. The dry leaves lacked vitality. The overcast leaves were easy to grow. The variegated leaves had no obvious markings. In the early winter when cultivated in open field, it will die in frost, but underground roots can still germinate in the second year. The potted plants should be moved into the room, and the room temperature should be kept above 5°C. The pot soil should not be too dry.

The breeding of this grass just needs to cut new cuttings in the growing season, especially in the rainy season, it is easier to survive.

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