Goldfish flower (Figure)

Goldfish flowers, also known as kangaroo flowers, are perennial evergreen herbaceous plants of the family Gesneriaceae. Leaves leathery, dark green and shiny, with well-arranged leaves. The color is orange, the flower is strange, the middle is swollen, the two ends are small, there is a small opening in front. Suitable for small and medium sized pots or indoor hangings, green corridors. Its cultivation characteristics are described as follows:

1. The substrate soil mixed with humus, manure and sand in a ratio of 3:1:1 is cultivated, and the pH is 6 to 6.5. Monthly application of thin compound fertilizer solution, the first two months of flowering, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer once every half months. Change the basin every other year.

2, growth temperature is 16 °C to 28 °C, in more than 30 °C, it is necessary to strengthen shade ventilation, otherwise there will be defoliation, overwintering to maintain at least 10 °C.

3, shade-resistant, suitable for scattered light, avoid direct light. When the surface of potted soil is dry and water is poured, it can often spray water around the foliage and plants to increase the air humidity and reduce watering in winter.

4. After flowering, all weak branches, top branches, and long hanging branches should be trimmed. When winter stems are used, the withered stems are cut off from the base and kept dry, which is beneficial to the emergence of new flowering branches in late spring.

5, cutting propagation to the main, can cut knots with branches, each about 8 cm, the upper leaves cut half of the film, the lower part of all cut off to maintain a semi-humid environment, about 30 days can take root pots. It can also be bred by the ramets method, and in the early spring or late autumn, each culm must carry 1 to 2 top buds, 2 to 3 per pot. (Lin Yunjia)

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