Chicken poisoning method

Detoxification found that poultry poisoning, first give it plenty of water, promote its quiet, then each with 1 g sodium sulfate dissolved in 15 ml water gavage, and take 1 g of activated carbon to prevent poisons from being absorbed; refilling 0.1% high Potassium manganate solution 10 ml, deg.......


The palm of the swallow, also known as Yushu, is native to southern Africa. Hi warm and dry and sunny environment. Not cold, afraid of light, slightly shade-tolerant. The soil is fertile, well-drained sandy loam. Winter temperature is not less than 7°C.



Bagging after bag removal management measures

In addition to promoting fruit enlargement, watering before picking the water bag has two functions. One is to reduce the incidence of sunburn after the bag is removed, the other is to change the microclimate conditions of the orchard, increase the temperature difference between day and ni.......

Meadow grass

[scientific name] Saussurea amara

I Alias] donkey ear hairy chrysanthemum, sheep ears


Distributed in China's northeast, north, northwest, Inner Mongolia, Russia also has distribution. Plant height is about 60cm. Rhizomes, stems erect. Leaf blad.......

Tabby Begonia (Figure)

Tabby Begonia, also known as the fine spider Begonia, is a genus of perennial grasses of the genus Begonia and Begonia. The plants are small, with thick and plump fleshy rhizomes, and rhizomes growing in a very short section. The leaves and flowers grow from the .......

Control of Humid Humidity in Layers

Chicks are not strict on the humidity, generally 1 week of age humidity controlled at 65% to 70%, 2 weeks old 65% to 60%, 3 to 4 weeks old 60% to 55%, brood later reduced to 50% to 60 %. High humidity is not conducive to the absorption of residual yolk in the chick's peritoneal cavity, and.......

White spiderweed

White-spotted spiderwort, also known as light-bamboo leaves, is a perennial herb of the genus T. arundinaceae, and its roots and branches are rooted. Many flower growers hang as potted plants. Also commonly cultivated are mosaic varieties, with white stripes on top, strong growth and easy .......


[Scientific name] Cercis chinensis

[alias] full of red


They are mainly distributed in the south of North China, East China, Central China, Southwest China, and Southeast North West China. Hi light, slightly hardy. Hi fertile well-drained soil, can grow in alka.......

Wear patterns of parts and measures to reduce wear and extend life

Parts increase in wear as work time increases. There are three different periods of wear rate before a repair or replacement is required: stable wear and wear in severe break-in periods.

Running-in period - newly assembled parts, due to surface roughness and geometrical deviation, .......


Species Name: Tufted Campanula

Scientific name: Campanula glomerata

Alias: Bellflower, Gabriella Campanula

Family: Campanulaceae family: Campanula

Distribution of origin: native to Western Europe.

Morphological characteristics: It is a biennial herb.......

Nepenthes (Figure)

Scientific name: Nepenthes mirabilis

Aliases: pig cage

Distribution: Distributed in Southeast Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Africa, Madagascar and northern Australia, is a perennial herbaceous species.

Habits: Warm and hot, the required humidity.......