Rabbit rearing management technology

Rabbit fattening is the last link in rabbit production. Its purpose is to produce good rabbit meat and rabbit skins. The fattening of rabbits should work best after the growth and development of the skeleton is completed. There are five key points for rabbit rearing and management:
1. After the growth and development of the skeleton is complete, the weight gain of the rabbits during the fattening process is mainly muscle and fat. In fattening, concentrates should be used as the main ingredient. In particular, feeds containing more sugars should be selected, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, hawthorn and radish. And we must properly cooperate with green feed.
Second, the restricted sport Guan rabbit should limit its movement during the fattening period and reduce feed consumption. The fattening rabbits can be kept in high density and kept in a warm dark environment, which promotes the accumulation of body fat and fat.
Third, the male rabbit castration fattening rabbits should be castration surgery for male rabbits in order to increase meat production and reduce feed costs. After castration, metabolism and oxidation in the body are reduced, which is beneficial to the accumulation of fat in rabbits. Under the same feeding conditions, castrated male rabbits increased significantly by 10% to 15% over non-castrated male rabbits.
Fourth, for drinking enough water Guan rabbit in the fattening period, the gradual transition from the main green feed to concentrate the main feed, then we must meet the rabbit's water needs, to ensure that 2 to 3 times a day clean drinking water.
Fifth, pay attention to hygienic rabbit breeding period due to the high density of breeding, lack of light and limited exercise, body resistance is relatively poor, so prone to illness, we must pay attention to environmental health and food hygiene, to prevent the occurrence of disease.

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