Harvesting and Processing of Leeks

Harvesting and processing:
From May to June or from August to September, the rosette plants are cut with a knife to remove debris and aging leaves, washed and drained for salting. For every 50 kilograms of fresh vegetables, 15 kilograms of salt are used; with an additional 18 degrees (Bomer concentration), 3000 ml of salt water. When installing the tank, first sprinkle a layer of salt on the bottom, then place a layer of leeks and sprinkle a layer of salt, and dip a little salt water to dissolve the salt. 2 to 3 hours into the cylinder, inverted cylinder 1 to 2 times. Cool the soup when inverting the cylinder. The next morning and afternoon, they fell 1 time each. When the leek enters the tank for 48 hours, the tank is drained, drained, dried for 4-6 hours, and tipped over once every 2 hours. After drying, the tank is reloaded and tightly stored. The finished leeks are rich in flavor and green in color and are fresh wild herbs that can be eaten throughout the year.
Medical function:
Leek whole herbs, sexual sweet, flat. There are and spleen, diuresis, bleeding, the effect of Mingming; Indications dysentery, edema, gonorrhea, chyluria, vomiting blood, blood in the stool, blood clotting, menorrhagia, eyes red pain embolism. The inflorescence and seeds are also used for medicinal purposes.
TCM prescription example
(1) cure dysentery Leek 2 two, Shuijianbi.
(2) cure swollen, large abdomen, skinny limbs, urine astringent mustard root, red peony root, etc., into the pill into the powder, each serving l pills, dried tangerine peel chewing.
(3) treatment of internal injuries vomiting blood leeks 1 two, Shuijianbi.
(4) to treat uterine bleeding and menorrhagia, aloe vera, 1 and 2 each, Shuijianbi.
(5) Governance storm eye, pain, astringent leek root smashed juice, point in the eyes.
(6) treatment of infantile measles Huosheng fresh leeks 1 to 2 two, Rhizoma Imperatae 4 to 5 two, decoction, on behalf of the tea long service.

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