How to cultivate edible fungi to save time and effort

How to cultivate edible fungus can save time and effort. Edible fungus has high nutritional value, and has been listed as a good dish in the dish since ancient times. With the deepening of people's understanding and the development of the mushroom cultivation industry, the delicious flavor and nutrition of mushrooms will surely benefit the majority of working people and become one of the new sources of human food.
Edible fungus can be divided into three types of cultivation, wood cultivation, and substitute cultivation from the cultivation raw materials. The cultivation of manure is based on livestock manure and crop straw, and it is cultivated after composting and fermentation. It is suitable for mushroom, straw mushroom, large fat mushroom and other grass rot fungi. Generally, such natural fermentation takes 15-20 days. If you add a biological starter, this process can be greatly accelerated. Take Jinpai's special fermenting agent for edible fungi as an example. It refers to the use of high-tech methods, which are specially cultivated, bred, purified, rejuvenated, and other processes. A compound microbial agent with special "miracle" function (in fact, scientific analysis is not magical), among which the main microorganisms that play a key role are bacteria, filamentous bacteria, yeast, and actinomycetes. It is mainly used for the fermentation of organic wastes such as crop straws, livestock and poultry excrement, litter, etc. It is quickly decomposed and put into use, generally only 4-7 days.
In the process of processing materials, the golden babe biological fermentation agent produces a large number of microorganisms and produces a large number of special metabolic substances, such as antibiotics and hormones, which can obviously eliminate or inhibit the growth and reproduction of various bacteria and pests, and provide more for the cultivation of edible fungi. Ideal, clean raw materials.

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