Xintai measures to prevent spring seedlings

With the rise of temperature in the spring, coupled with high temperatures and low precipitation during the winter and this spring, the number of trees and insect pests in Shandong Province has increased significantly. In response, the Xintai City Bureau of Parks in Shandong Province has taken a number of measures earlier to prevent diseases and insect pests in spring seedlings.

These measures include: wrapping a plastic film on the tree trunk, applying oil to prevent the overwintering eggs of scale insects from incubating on the trees, and using 45% lime sulfur crystals to 30 times the mixture to accelerate the nemesis by spraying 35% of the tree crowns to prevent and control big-leaf privets. Diseases and insect pests such as scale insects such as Euonymus japonicus, ligusta plicifolia, and rot disease of Populus tomentosa, etc. occur;穑 绱阂 绱阂 ( ( ( ( . 笠 笠 笠 . 11. 罹钜懊 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11瘟 瘟 瘟 瘟 痰亟 痰亟 写 写 写 婧υ 婧υ 婧υ 婧υ 婧υ 婧υ 婧υ 挚沽 挚沽 挚沽 挚沽 ぴ ぴ ぴ ぴ ぴ ぴ ぴ ぴ ぴ ぴ ぴ ぴ ぴ ぴ ぴ ぴ ぴ ぴ

Feed Additives, also known as feed Additives, refer to the general term of additives manually added to formula feed in order to make up for the shortcomings of formula feed and some special needs. It includes single feed, additive premix feed, concentrated feed, compound feed and concentrate supplement. The dosage of these special substances is very small, generally according to a few percent of the formula feed to several parts per million (mg/kg), but the effect is very significant.

Additives are:

1. supplement the nutritional deficiencies of feed.

2. prevent the deterioration of feed quality;

3. improve palatability of materials and animal feed utilization;

4., enhance the disease resistance of feeding animals, promote the normal growth of animal husbandry and accelerate the growth and production.

5. increase the output and quality of animal products.


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Feed Additives

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