Gem Biogas Fermentation (What are the uses of biogas)

Gem Biogas Fermentation (What are the uses of biogas)
The biogas produced during the use of Gum Biogas Fermentation Aid has the following uses: 1. Application in the production of plastic greenhouse vegetables. 1. Use biogas to warm and heat the greenhouse. 1 m3 of biogas can release 23,000 KJ of heat. This data can be used to determine the difference. Volume of greenhouse gas temperature increase insulation required. 2 Use biogas to provide CO2 gas fertilizer for vegetable greenhouses. 2. Biogas sericulture means using biogas lamps to sensitize silkworms and burn methane to warm the silkworm chambers, which can achieve rapid hatching, silkworm cocooning, shortening of the feeding period, and increase the yield and quality of silkworm cocoons. purpose. 3. The principle of biogas preservation and storage of agricultural products is to use the characteristics and characteristics of methane and carbon dioxide, low oxygen content, and non-toxic methane in biogas to control the gas composition in the storage environment under a closed condition, resulting in a high carbon dioxide The state of low oxygen, to control the respiratory intensity of fruits and vegetables, food, reduce matrix consumption during the storage process, pest control, mildew, disease, bacteria, to extend the storage time and maintain good quality. Details can visit the website or consult.


1. Promote immunity

2. Anti-oxidant, Anti-aging, Anti-fatigue; Improve the memory and sleep quality;

3. Reduce the blood fat and sugar, Decreasing blood pressure;

4. Reduce the risk of Cancer and inhibit from tumor growth;

5. Protect eyesight, liver and kidney;

6. Enhance sexual function and improve fertility



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Widely used in Functional food, drinks, health care products and pharmaceuticals.

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