ABT and GGR help restore seedlings after freezing

ABT rooting powder and GGR green plant growth regulators have the dual functions of supplementing the growth hormone required for plant growth and promoting the synthesis of endogenous auxin in the plant, which not only improves the survival rate of the seedlings and the yield of the plants, but also can adversely affect the environment. Coercion responds positively to the normal growth of the plant, reducing or avoiding damage to the plant caused by adversity. Through many years of application tests, it has been proved that the application of ABT rooting powder and GGR to treat frozen plants can promote the plant to accelerate sprouting and restore growth.

After the spring, after the frozen seedlings and flowers are sprouted, the application of a 25-ppm solution of GGR No. 6 1 kg water plus 40 kg to foliar spray can speed up the recovery and growth of the seedlings and flowers that promote defoliation and tip shrivelling.

After germination, application of GGR10 1g watered 40kg into a solution of 25ppm foliar spray, can increase the stress resistance of fruit trees and restore the tree vigor as soon as possible. Foliar spraying can increase the fruit setting rate at the flowering stage and fruit enlargement stage of fruit trees.

Our Pp Resin has a very stable physical and chemical properties according to our professional tests. In addition to the great resistance of shocking strength and other mechanics performance, it also has a good processing performance. Our products have a high heat resistance property which allows us to apply the products in a high temperature environment. Also, the resin pellet has a lazy chemical property, it will not have a react with our daily medical medicine easily. And this also gives us a safety guarantee.

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