Carnation cutting propagation method

The reproduction of carnations is divided into asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction often results in low seeding rates, large variability in seed offspring traits, and slow growth of seedlings, so it is rarely used in production. A large number of asexual reproduction is used in production, among which cutting propagation is the main advantage. Its advantages are abundant cuttings, stable characters and quick results.

Spike establishment of the mother garden. Practice has proved that the conditions must be possessed by the mother plant of the ear to harvest: the plant is relatively young in age, the flowering trait is good, the disease index is zero, and the position of the panicle should be strictly controlled above the sixth node. Therefore, it is very necessary and crucial to establish a special mother garden for harvesting panicles. It is also an indispensable link in the production process of modern carnation seedlings. It is not only the prerequisite for the formation of high-quality seedlings, but also the basis for large-scale seedlings throughout the year.

The mother plant of the ear-sprouting mother garden must be a tissue culture seedling. The key to the cultivation and management of the female parent garden is to strengthen the soil disinfection, promote the rotation, and ensure that the base fertilizer is applied. There must be sheltering and shading measures, and drip irrigation should be promoted to prevent and control pests and diseases.

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