Vegetable shed chicken prevention software snail effect is good

In recent years, there has been a new kind of pest in high-temperature vegetable greenhouses. Because it has no outer shell, it is no different from ordinary snails. Therefore, the vegetable farmer intuitively calls it a soft snail. For its habits, the internet is described in this way: The white stork lurks, the night and the rain go out and live in a dark and damp place. It is most active in the high-temperature and high-humidity season. It feeds on the tender shoots of fresh plants.
Because the environment inside the spring greenhouse provided a very suitable survival hotbed for it, it became a major pest that harmed vegetables when the temperature began to warm in the spring. Because of its habit of nocturnal production, drug control has had little success, and because of its mucous surface, it is slippery and slippery. Therefore, the effect of artificial capture is not ideal. Watching it as a helpless vegetable, he is helpless. How to prevent and control makes many people scratch their heads. In the production practice, some vegetable farmers have created methods to prevent and treat snails in sheds and have received unexpected results.
The specific approach is:
Chickens are bred to the size of a pigeon at home and put into a shed. (Chicken is too young to start, and the control effect is not good, and then the chicks do not depend on the food to survive.) The shed will sprinkle a little chicken food every day, affecting the bird's grazing, and the shed must be cleaned. Water to prevent chickens from dying. In this way, when the snail crouched on the ground during the day, when the chicken was just eating food, many snails became the chicken's belly. The time span from chickens to sheds to harvesting of vegetables is as long as three or four months. Countless snails eaten by chickens can basically eliminate snails. The chicken in the vegetable shed has the following advantages. The use of chicken instead of artificial control saves time, saves time, saves labor, and saves medicine. Chicken growing in the shed reduces the damage of natural enemies such as weasel, goshawk, and mouse, saving feed, and has a high survival rate. This has resulted in a multiplier effect, which is really worth mentioning.
This method was only tested in pepper and eggplant vegetable sheds. Whether this method is feasible in green leafy vegetable sheds still requires further experiments.

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