Leakage, leakage and leakage of diesel engine

Diesel engines encounter a series of problems during use. Among them, the "three leakages" of diesel engines, as well as oil leakage, air leakage and water leakage, are very harmful. The "three leakages" of diesel engines deteriorate the technical state of diesel engines. Parts and components accelerate wear, frequent failures, difficulty starting, increased fuel consumption, and reduced power, and can not be put into operation. Therefore, we must pay attention to the “three-leakage” phenomenon of diesel engines and promptly check and eliminate them.

The following are the causes and hazards of diesel engine oil leakage, air leakage, and water leakage:

I. Causes of the Three Leakage (Leakage, Leakage, Leakage) of Diesel Engine

(1) The friction and wear of the parts caused by the mutual movement of the diesel engine gradually changes the geometry and dimensions of the parts.

(2) The use of improper maintenance, such as loose screws, seals, gaskets damaged.

(3) Improper part removal and installation. There is no special tool for disassembling and disassembling. It does not require disassembling and disassembling process requirements to deform the parts and bump the contact surface. The surface is not clean and the contact surface is not tight. Fourth, parts aging deterioration. Such as rubber seals, water seals, etc., long-term corrosion by oil or water, and therefore aging deterioration.

Second, the "three leakage" of the diesel engine

(1) Oil spill

Leakage of oil in the diesel engine lubrication system will reduce the oil level in the oil pan. In severe cases, the parts will not be lubricated and burned. Leakage of diesel oil from the diesel fuel supply system will make the oil path into the air, making it difficult for the diesel engine to start. At the same time, it causes energy waste and economic loss, and pollutes the land.

(2) Leakage

Leakage of the cooling system of the diesel engine not only causes troubles when adding water, but also leads to cracks in the cylinder head when the leakage is serious. For water-cooled diesel engines, leakage from the water jacket of the cylinder liner will dilute the oil in the oil pan and accelerate the wear of the parts. In severe cases, it will cause burning of tile.

(3) leak

Leakage of the joint between the diesel engine block and the cylinder liner will burn the cylinder pad, making the diesel engine start difficult and the power drop. Leakage of the air intake system of the diesel engine will cause dust to be sucked into the cylinder of the diesel engine, thereby accelerating the wear of parts such as cylinder liners, pistons, piston rings, valves, and ducts, making diesel engine start-up difficult, fuel consumption increase, and power drop.

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