Dairy cow rearing during late pregnancy

Late pregnancy is the period when the fetus grows rapidly and needs a lot of nutrition. The growth rate of the fetus is gradually accelerating and reaches the highest before delivery. During the last 2 months of pregnancy, the fetus's weight gain accounts for more than 75% of the total weight of the fetus. It requires the mother to provide a lot of nutrition, especially protein nutrition. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the supply of nutrients. At the same time, the mother also needs to store certain nutrients, so that the cow has a certain weight gain during pregnancy, in order to ensure normal postpartum lactation and estrus.
For the cows with good weight gain during gestation, the calf’s birth weight, weaning weight, and milk yield were all high. The calf weaned volume was increased by approximately 16%, and the weaning time was reduced by 7 days. Since the first born cow is still in the stage of growth and development, it is necessary to consider the nutrition needed for its own growth and development. However, at this time, the body of the dairy cow develops in breadth and depth, and the feed intake is limited. Therefore, the nutrient concentration should be increased. The crude protein content in the diet should reach about 18%, the daily feed amount should be 4 to 5 kg, and sufficient vitamin A should be guaranteed. And calcium, phosphorus and so on. At this time, if the lack of nutrition will lead to slower growth and development of the fetus, lack of vitality, the cow's body condition is poor. The late gestational period of dairy cows was as follows: 4.5 kg of refined feed, 8 kg of corn silage and 4.5 kg of hay. Among them, the reference formula for formulated feed is: corn 50%, wheat bran 25%, peanut cake 10%, soybean meal (cake) 5%, cotton kernel cake 5%, stone powder, calcium hydrogen phosphate, salt, baking soda, premix 1%. However, attention should also be paid to preventing the cows from becoming over-fat, and it is sufficient to maintain the upper-middle-age cows' sensation of overweight. Over-fertilization can easily cause dystocia and the proportion of post-natal metabolic disorders increases.

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