How to remove gray vegetables in a wheat field

The gray stripe, which is a plant of the family Polygonaceae, is also known as a greyish grey dish, which is a common broad-leaved weed in the field. At present, the wheat in Lianyungang and other places has entered the booting stage to the heading stage, and it is unsafe for wheat to use drugs to control field weeds. In addition, field weeds and other weeds have also entered the flowering and fruiting period. They have a large grass age and poor application control effects. Therefore, we do not recommend herbicide for weeding in the above fields. Tip: The use of fluoxetine preparations (make it long, etc.) is generally safe for wheat in the middle and late stages of wheat grain filling, and it can be used to remove the disease if there are many pigs in the field. The medicine has poor control effect on cockroaches, and the addition of 2A4-Chloro can increase the control effect on cockroaches. If the amount of earthworms in the plots mentioned above is particularly large, they must be removed and the use of pesticides may be considered. Be careful not to apply pesticides from wheat booting to early filling, otherwise it may seriously affect wheat growth and grouting.

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