In the summer, peppers catch three points and benefit from high

In mid-to late September, the young farmers of Xinglong Village in Xinglong Village, Daotian Town, just entered the harvesting period. They had more than 1 yuan per catty. Compared with the previous period, the prices declined, but he was still very happy. "This is a supply of deep processing, the price is not high, the border traders came up, the price of pepper will certainly rise, the two days have seen the momentum of the rise." In this regard, Yang Xinsheng is very confident. Yang Xinsheng planted summer peppers in five or six years and he knew quite a bit about the market. He said that in the summer, the picking of sweet peppers can be highly effective if they grasp three points. The first is to choose a good variety. It is hot and rainy in summer, and it is difficult to manage. If you cannot bear fruit, it is easy to have an outbreak of virus disease. Therefore, you must choose a heat-resistant variety, such as Shiji Hong and Huang Yinna. Recently, Lao Yang heard that Ansa's yellow pepper card with Nuo, red pepper Gandol has a good performance over the summer, next year intend to try. However, in recent years, with the increase in the planting area of ​​the Chaoya pepper, there are more and more varieties of bell peppers known as heat-resistant. In fact, a considerable number of varieties are unworthy of name, and some varieties are easy to infect virus diseases; some are only long Without fruit, the output is very low; some malformed fruit can not be sold. The vegetable farmers must be cautious before selecting the seeds. Don't think that the new varieties are good. Before the seeds are planted, let's go and see what the other species are. Then try planting them in a small area and then consider whether to plant them in large areas. In addition, it is necessary to examine the sources of origin of the variety, and to purchase the seed insurance coefficient at the source. The second is the ratio of good red peppers to yellow peppers. Some farmers have heard that the prices of yellow peppers are high, and the next one is a kind of yellow pepper on the whole shed. This is not in line with market conditions. From the market demand of the past few years, the purchase of red peppers is large, and Russia, Singapore, South Korea and other countries need a large number of red peppers. The red peppers have evolved from special dishes to road dishes, and yellow peppers still belong to special dishes. Large area planting. In the past year, the price of summer yellow peppers was high. Many vegetable growers expanded their crops this year. As a result, the price of yellow pepper dropped sharply, and the price was lower than that of red peppers by 1-2 yuan/kg. Summarize the market demand of color pepper in recent years, the ratio of red and yellow peppers is about 5:1. If the ratio between the two is greater than 5, the price of yellow pepper certainly rises. Before the vegetable growers order the seedlings for planting, they must first understand the ideas of other vegetable growers around them, visit the seedling factories to inspect the amount of the yellow peppers, and consult the seed companies to sell the seeds, so that the ratio of the two can be determined on a base basis. The ratio of red and yellow peppers is generally 3:1 and cannot exceed 2:1. Otherwise, market risk will increase. The third is to sell green peppers and peppers. The first to produce fine fruit-based, fruit, shape, color, and sell it as a colorful pepper; because the price of green pepper was relatively high before the sale, before leaving the sale of color peppers, it can effectively improve the economy. benefit. As long as the above three points are well grasped, in general, over the summer, the color of the pepper will be more than 10,000 yuan, and the cost of production will be eliminated. The net income will be more than 7,000 yuan.

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