Different fish feed with stress

Fish feed is one of the biggest costs of fish farming. Paying attention to scientific feeding methods not only benefits the healthy growth and rapid weight gain of fish, but also saves feed, reduces the cost of fish farming, and effectively improves the efficiency of fish farming. There are seven kinds of fish feeds, and the feeding methods are quite special:

The feed pellet feed for pellets is usually 2.5 to 8 mm in diameter and 5 to 10 mm in length, and can be fed directly to fish ponds. Need to check before feeding, such as feed moisture do not feed directly, but first to dry or dried, and then fed; if the feed is deteriorating then should not be fed to prevent fish poisoning after eating.

Second, the cake feed feed feed should be broken small pieces of fish, soaking, grinding after feeding, feeding medium to large fish can be macerated.

Third, grain feed grain of cereals such as corn, should be processed after crushing feed fish: small particles such as grain, can be fed after the germination of fish, young grains of high nutritional value of white buds, fish eat easily digested, absorbed Faster and faster.

Fourth, green feed to medium-to-large fish will generally be fed directly after the green feed is removed; feeding small fish should be chopped or beaten, plus 0.2% of salt and mix well, splash feeding will cut the green feed Cook in pieces and mix with bran and soda. The fish prefer to eat.

5. Dregs feed feed the small fish to dip and grind the dregs, and medium to large fish should be fermented until it has scent. Feeding a small amount at the beginning of feeding, and then gradually increase the amount, but not more than 30% of the total daily feed.

Sixth, protein feed mealworms, fly pupae, insects, etc. are all fish animal protein feed can be fed directly, but also dried and processed into powder after other fish feed. For bulk animal feed, it should be chopped, ground, and glued into small pellets.

Seven, fecal feed Chicken manure, pig manure, cow dung, etc. are good feed for fish. After drying the feces into powder, use it in proportion to other feeds. The proportion of use should not be too high, generally 40% to 50% of chicken manure, 50% to 70% of cow dung and 30% to 50% of pig manure.

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