Gushing of Gushi Chicken after hatching

【Chicken Disinfection】 When the hatching is 30%, disinfect with 0.1% poisonous spray. When picking young children, they should be picked out in a timely manner when they are hatched in batches, and cannot exceed 12 hours in the machine after being hatched. When you hatch, turn off the lights so as not to disturb the chicks and affect the picking. During the hatching period, chicks with empty shells and fluff are detected 2-4 times according to hatching conditions. At the same time, the embryonic eggs that have been “mouthed” are collected and placed on the upper layer, and the temperature of the hatcher is increased by 1° C. and the humidity is increased by 10% to promote embryonic emergence of weak embryos. General hatching can focus on hatching, without the need for midwifery, sticking to the eggshell on the hair, spray the warm water to make the hair wet and separate from the eggshell. The standard operating hatch rate can reach 97%-98.5%. [male and female identification] After hatching, male and female can be identified, and weak and young chicks can be removed. Male and female identification of commonly used trans-analysis method, mainly by observing the presence of reproductive processes to distinguish male and female, there are male genital processes. Young chicks grouping In principle, according to young chicks and weak chicks, marketers sometimes identify groups by sex. In general, the rate of incubating and hatching reached 95.5%. The standards for young chicks are: clean fluff, well-absorbed umbilicus, dry and covered with villi, flat belly, stable and strong, responsive to light and sound, loud and vocal, well-proportioned figure, not dry or bloated, appearing to be “water spirit” . It should be noted that the young must have the characteristics of Gushi chicken breeds.


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