Clever use of plant ash to increase production and disinfestation and prevent disease

It is not only economical, safe, and effective to control crop pests and diseases with plant-tree ash, but it can also save pesticides. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of fertilizing and not damaging natural enemies and not polluting the environment. It can be described as a multi-purpose system and worthy of promotion in production.
Plant ash is a kind of high-quality potassium fertilizer, but also contains phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and boron, manganese, copper, zinc, molybdenum and other nutrients. Use 10 kg of plant ash, 50 kg of water, filter after soaking for 24 hours, and take filtrate to spray, which can effectively kill the aphids on the crops; during the cotton seedling stage, use 20-25 kg of plant ash per 667 square meters, and spread the ridges and ridges. , can increase the temperature of the soil and reduce the occurrence of cotton blight, anthrax, red rot, etc.; before the planting of onions, garlic, or leeks, 20 kg of plant ash per 667 square meters, applied to the ditch, or in the onion, During the seedling period of garlic and other vegetables, spraying 15 kg of ash per 667 square meters, and then scratching and covering the soil, can reduce the damage caused by root rot and increase the yield of vegetables by 15%-20%. When the early occurrence of wheat sheath blight occurs, 667 square meters of plant ash 30-40 kg, when the morning dew does not dry when the ridge is scattered at the base of the wheat plant, to control the spread of disease has a certain effect; the occurrence of root rot of fruit trees, first open root soil, scratch the root cause of the disease Skin, slightly dry, then each plant buried 2.5-5 kg ​​of ash, about 1-2 months, the disease tree can issue a new root.

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