Meat dog breeding technology

After the breeding dog grows and develops to a certain period, the male dog will produce sperm with fertilizing ability. The female dog will expel the mature egg and other accessory organs will develop completely. This is called sexual maturity. However, sexual maturation does not mean reaching the age at which it can breed, because the dog body is not yet fully developed and estrus. The female dog in early estrus was swollen and vulva, and blood was excreted with mucus and began to feel restless. After 7 to 9 days, enter the estrus period. After the estrus of the older dogs, the dog's bloody discharge became noticeably lighter in color, showing anxiety and climbing across other female dogs. When the male dog climbed across the mating, he actively collapsed his waist and the tail squatted to one side to receive mating. This period can last 6-10 days. Ovulation is usually in the estrus period 1 to 2 days. When the bloody discharge is discharged for 9 to 12 days (ie, 2 to 4 days of estrus), the female and male dogs are brought into the mating site (no other dog's site) and allowed to naturally mate. Normal mating can be used to conceive, but in order to improve fertility The rate will be reassigned once every other day or the following day. Mating time to choose the best female dog is best in the morning, the general mating time is 15 to 20 minutes. The dog's gestation period is 62 days (58-64 days). Early diagnosis of pregnancy is more difficult, but in 15 to 20 days the dog can see redness and swelling of the chest, can be considered pregnant. After 40 days, the waist is getting bigger, not moving, and the weight and appetite increase. At this time, the feed should be increased appropriately. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention so that the pregnant dog can guarantee a certain amount of activity every day. When the female dog was near childbirth, the vulva and breasts were swollen and congested. White colostrum could be squeezed out. There was a blistering fluid flow from the vaginal opening and a small amount of bleeding. The day before delivery, the rectal temperature was generally reduced by 0.5 to 1.0°C. After delivery, bite the umbilical cord and remove the mucus. The female dog can take care of herself. However, if there is a lot of births, delivery can be assisted. After the puppies are born, quickly wipe the mucus in the mouth and body with a dry towel to promote breathing, sterilize the umbilical cord (2 cm from the root) with sterile velvet, cut off from the ligation point with scissors, and apply 5% sulfone, and then After the puppies are put into the farrowing box, the temperature should be maintained at 25°C, and then sent back to the female's bosom after all the animals have been produced.

Feeding management of puppies. After the birth of Tsai dog, the main care work is insulation, pressure prevention, full colostrum, fixed teat, timely rehydration and feeding problems.
Insulation is the key to improve the survival rate. Tender dogs need to pay attention to heat preservation due to environmental changes within one week after birth, coupled with thin coats of hairs, low skin fat, incomplete development of the cerebral cortex, and poor body temperature regulation.
The dog has no antibodies in the body, and the colostrum secreted by the female dog in the three days after the birth is rich in various antibodies, so the puppies should eat enough colostrum.
If the female dog has more than one baby, it will often take advantage of the weak food and the unbalanced development of the dog. Therefore, it is necessary to artificially fix the teats, especially the thin young ones, to help them find milky nipples.
As the puppies need more and more milk, the amount of lactation in the female dog is already in short supply. Milk is better for fresh milk. Gradually add eggs, minced meat, porridge, etc.
When the puppies are born for 20 days, they can go outdoors with the female dog. Weaning can be done in 45 days or so, and the rearing and management are gradually normalized.

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