Corn cockroach control measures

The corn borer is dominated by Asian corn borer in the Lushunkou area. It is a world-wide pest with great potential for damage. It is also the largest pest in corn production in the Lushun Lukou area. If it is not controlled, corn will be reduced by 10% in general years. Left and right, large year loss of more than 30%.
1. Occurrence characteristics of corn borer The corn borer in Lushunkou District occurred in two generations in one year. The first generation of eggs is in the middle and late June. The larvae occur in the late period from late June to early July. The oldest larvae occur in the middle and late July and are mainly harmful to the heart. The second generation of eggs is in the middle and early August. Most of the larvae are hidden in the filaments and some of them are pollinated in the leafhoppers. After 4 to 5 years of age, some of the larvae directly bite the grain at the top of the ear or drill into the cob, and more invade the female stem or stem. It can be seen that corn borers (generations) that occur in the heart-leaf stage are the major generations that cause corn production cuts, and they are also an important period for prevention and control; and the corn borers (second generation) that occur at the heading stage are the source of insects that are harmed the following year by wintering.
2. Occurrence of corn borer The severity of corn borer is related to factors such as the base number of overwintering insects, climatic conditions, and the degree of coincidence between the peak period of one generation egg and the “susceptibility period” of corn. In general, if there are more than 50 live insects on the basis of more than 50 insects in the winter, more humidity in May and June, and the peak period of the first generation egg coincides with the mid-term of the middle of the corn, the first generation corn borer will tend to Great happening.
3. The prevention and control of corn borer influences the analysis of the causes of the control effect: In recent years, the Tshun shun mouth area has popularized Trichogramma to control corn borer. The total control effect is about 70%, which is not very ideal. The reason is: 1st generation of corn pods is dragged longer in eggs, and the time and space for corn eggs are scattered, making a considerable part of quail eggs unable to be parasitized by Trichogramma. 2 The quality of the Trichogramma card also has certain problems. For example, the parasitism rate of the bee card in 2000 was only 77%; the coincidence rate between the bee card and the bee day was not high; the design of the bee cardboard was not very reasonable, and the points were When the tear card is put, the loss of bee eggs is more. 3 The quality of the bee card is not high enough. Some villages do not pay enough attention. They did not strictly follow the operating procedures to make the card be distributed unevenly in the field. Due to the limitation of the range of activities of the Trichogramma, the distribution of Trichogramma species in the field was uneven. 4 Influenced by the climate, when the bee was released, it was stricken with strong winds and heavy rain. It caused greater damage to the Trichogramma.
Prevention and control technology of corn borer: The key to preventing corn borer is to prevent the emergence of larvae in older larvae. No single prevention and control measure can receive very good control effects. 1 Treatment of straw, although Trichogramma beetle has the advantages of labor-saving and pollution-free, it has some limitations after all. Since there is basically no possibility of long-distance migration of corn borer, comprehensive control measures should be taken to properly handle the corn stalks, such as comminution and returning to the field, composting of fertilizers, as feed, or using Beauveria bassiana as a kind of seal. Very good control method. 2 Killing codling moths with insecticidal light during the adult overwintering period is also an important measure with obvious control effect and no pollution. 3 Put Trichogramma into the field to destroy most eggs in the field. 4 At the end of the corn leaf stage, the phoxim granules are sprinkled into the heart and leaves of the maize with a high rate of "flower mosaic" in the corn, and they can receive more complete prevention and control effects.

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