The cause of the whitish egg shell in spring

First, pathological white eggshell chronic Newcastle disease, E. coli disease, egg drop syndrome, pasteurellosis, infectious bronchitis, bird flu, etc. will make the eggshell color fade pale. Second, the age of aging white eggshell aging can also cause chicken egg production decreased, eggshell white, increase the nutritional drugs can improve this phenomenon to a certain extent, but the maintenance time is not long, should be eliminated in accordance with market conditions. Third, nutritional white eggshell chicken feed vitamins, minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus deficiency, can occur white eggshell phenomenon, the most common is the hen in the early stages of production. Adding VA, VD, VE, VC, and amino acids to the feed has a significant effect on improving eggshell color. Fourth, the stress white eggshell transition, epidemic prevention, external disturbance will cause chickens to produce stress response, resulting in decreased egg production rate, accompanied by lighter eggshell color. This kind of change lasts for a short period of time. When measures are taken to improve the environment, supplement drinking water, and other measures, the white egg shell phenomenon will soon disappear. Fifth, seasonal white eggshells continue to high temperatures in summer, chickens to accelerate the discharge of heat and a lot of drinking water, coupled with the decline in their intake of nutrients caused by inadequate intake, resulting in affecting the quality of eggshells and chickens produce white shell eggs. Six, light white eggshell during the egg production period of light should be constant, lack of light or instability, there will be irregular white chicken eggs. Artificial fill light should be stable, coupled with scientific feed nutrition, can guarantee excellent eggshell color and longer egg production peak period.

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