Introduction of medicinal rubber plug puncture performance testing instrument

The medicinal rubber stopper (butyl rubber stopper) has excellent sealing performance and good chemical resistance. It is the only sealing rubber plug for direct contact with the glass bottle in the current pharmaceutical packaging industry, and with the large infusion soft bag. The popularity of applications, the use of medicinal rubber stoppers (butyl rubber plugs) is more widely used. The State Food and Drug Administration has issued regulations on the puncture performance test of medicinal rubber stoppers (butyl rubber plugs) since the 2002 edition of the " Compilation of Standards for Packaging Materials and Containers for Direct Contact with Drugs". Specific tests include puncture force and puncture. Indicators such as falling chips.

Labthink, an excellent provider of inspection instruments and inspection services, has been providing excellent quality control solutions for the global pharmaceutical industry for many years. The four intelligent electronic tensile testing machines [XLW, XLW (PC), XLW (M), XLW (B)] of the Labthink XLW series are equipped with a puncture performance test fixture for medicinal rubber stoppers (butyl rubber plugs). In order to provide rubber plugs and pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide professional services for the puncture performance test of rubber plugs. In addition to the puncture function, the instrument also has tensile strength and elongation, heat sealing strength (heat seal strength) of soft packaging materials (such as medicinal aluminum foil, medicinal composite film, medicinal PVC hard film, etc.). The tear resistance performance and the peel strength test function of the medicinal composite film greatly improve the utilization rate of the equipment in the pharmaceutical production enterprise, and also satisfactorily satisfy the demand of the pharmaceutical manufacturer for the composite function of the equipment. In addition, Labthink Languang can also provide a special device for detecting the sealing performance of puncture points in order to facilitate the sealing test of puncture points after rubber plugs in pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical rubber plug manufacturers.    
In addition to the puncturing performance test of the medicinal rubber stopper (butyl rubber plug) just described, Labthink can also serve other testing items for pharmaceutical packaging materials, such as PERME OX2/230 oxygen transmission for oxygen transmission detection. Rate test system, PERME W3/330 water vapor transmission test system for water vapor transmission, LSSD-01 leakage and seal strength tester and other products. Labthink hopes to have more extensive exchanges and cooperation with pharmaceutical industry enterprises and institutions. For details, please call: Guo Sijia gz@


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