Zeng Tian Ling (secret for sweetening and increasing production of my family's grapes)

Zeng Tian Ling (secret for sweetening and increasing production of my family's grapes)
Grape is a typical fruit tree, known as "potassium." Potassium can increase the cellulose content of grapes, enhance the ability of cold resistance, at the same time can promote the ripening of berries, which is conducive to the transfer of nutrients to berries, and increase the sugar content. . Grape is a perennial plant. It breeds rapidly, results early, yields quickly, and is not tolerant to cold. It has a wide adaptability to soil. The most suitable is sandy loam. The grape's reproductive cycle is divided into the period of injuring, sprouting, growth of new shoots, flowering, berry growth and maturation, dendrite maturation and dormancy. Among them, the flowering period and the berry growth and maturation period are the critical period for the grapes to need fertilizer. In order to maintain a strong growth of tree vigor and continuously improve the yield and quality of products, we must pay attention to rational fertilization. My family has used a combination of Treasure Bacteria and Biosweetening (sweetening colorants) in grape growing to increase the absorption area of ​​the roots and enhance photosynthesis of the leaves under the action of a large amount of activated, healthy and beneficial microorganisms. Not only can reduce the amount of fertilizer used, reduce costs, increase production, but also can significantly improve the quality of grapes, increase sugar sweetness, is conducive to the production of high-quality grapes, and to mention the morning market.
Compared with other fruit crops, grapes do not like acidic soils, so the grape must first pay attention to the PH value of the soil. For this reason, it is possible to apply the golden treasure compound fertilizer and the golden treasure that contains a large amount of magnesium oxide and calcium. Baby sweetening colorant) to improve the soil to make it the most suitable PH value, in order to make the grape grow well. In general, places that can produce grapes of high quality and beautiful appearance are mostly dry areas with less rainfall. With less rain, sunshine hours are relatively long. The higher the sugar content of grapes, the better the color will be. In the rainy years, often stupid long vines, the leaves are too luxuriant, but the greenhouses can not let the sun shine, and the leaves and stems are also weak, the chance of being attacked by pests and diseases will increase, and the taste of the fruit will also decline sharply. . After the application of the golden babe microbial fertilizer combined with the biofortified sweetening spirit, a large number of beneficial microorganisms rapidly spread through the soil in a geometric progression, and the metabolites of the functional microorganisms can improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil and improve the hydrophilicity. , Adsorption, enhanced permeability and ability to retain water and fertilizer, so as to achieve the effect of grapevine drought and flood protection, increase production and income. Even if it encounters a lot of rain, high humidity, and a short sunshine duration, it does not matter if it is applied. The application of microbial fertilizer and biosweetener can effectively strengthen the stems and leaves of the grapes, effectively resist the invasion of diseases and insect pests, and enhance photosynthesis. To maintain a high sugar content state, thereby improving the quality of grapes, increasing sugar content and yield.
Through the user's comparative experiments for many years, in the process of grape growth, the use of diced microbial microbial fertilizer and biological sweetening spirit as base fertilizer, top dressing, liquid fertilizer, and foliar spray fertilizer plots, the yield of the grapes is higher than that of plots without this fertilizer. 30%, some as high as 50%, early maturity 5-10 days, a net increase in sugar content of 1 degree, and some increase up to 2-3 degrees.

Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Oil Softgel (Reishi mushroom spore oil softgel) uses organic shell-broken Ganoderma spore powder as ingredients, combined with our patented supercritical CO2 extraction technology, making it the ultimate Ganoderma dietary supplement product on the market with the highest purity.


When it comes to dietary supplement product, safety is always the top priority. Our Ganoderma ingredient comes from our self-built Ganoderma farm, which has acquired 4 organic certifications from China, Japan, the US, and the EU. We make sure every step of the whole process is safe and traceable without any kind of contamination.



The supercritical CO2 extraction technology uses liquefied CO2 as a solvent to dissolve spore oil from shell-broken spore powder under hyperbaric environment. After CO2 evaporates, it is left with pure Reishi Spore Oil. This method makes sure that no chemical reagent will be left in the spore oil during the extraction process while still maintaining the highest purity. The triterpenes content in this product is as high as over 20%.



Ganoderma spore oil is great for people with severe chemical liver damage due to long-term drinking and high pressure. It also assists cancer treatment and helps reduce the side effects from chemo and radiotherapy and greatly increase the level of immune cells. Reports have shown that Ganoderma Oil can inhibit the growth of internal and external tumor, with a success rate of 56.3%.


Recommended dosage: 2 times a day, 2 capsules each time.

Ganoderma Spore Oil

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