Lettuce "crack stem" is a thing

The first is related to the variety. Different lettuce varieties show different resistance. Generally, the purple leaf lettuce has high water content, high yield, and easy to crack, while the green leaf lettuce is relatively light.

The second is related to water and fertilizer. Generally, the supply of fertilizers and water is uneven, and the droughts and plagues are frequent. Especially when the fleshy stems are mature, the outer skin has been lignified, at this time a lot of watering, sudden enlargement of the fleshy stem, the epidermis can not be expanded and cracked. In addition, in the absence of boron, the content of vitamin C in lettuce was reduced, and the plant's resistance to stress and disease resistance decreased.

The third is related to late harvesting. If the lettuce is harvested too late, it is easy to cause cracks, which makes its quality drop.

Measures to prevent slicing of lettuce stems: (1) According to the local conditions, lettuce cultivation should choose green leaves lettuce; (2) strengthen fertilizer and water management. Management focus: When the lettuce leaves are flush with the rosette leaves, their stems begin to swell, and they should be poured with small water and chase Shi Fangrun (20-10-30) Instant fertilizer 8-10 kg per mu and foliar application of polyboron 1500 times. Note that this time the water and fertilizer must be timely, too early and too late to the growth of the fleshy stem. After starting watering, the speed of stem enlargement is accelerated, the water and fertilizer are increased, the ground is slightly dry, the watering is even, the amount of water must be moderate, and flooding should be strictly prevented. When the ground can enter people, the shallow loose soil breaks the knot, combined with watering, then chase Fang Runfei 1-2 times, spraying poly-boron 1 times to prevent stem cracks. (3) timely harvest. When the top of the main stem of the lettuce is flat with the tips of the tallest leaves, it is suitable for harvesting. At this time, the fleshy stem has been fully expanded, the quality is crisp, and the stem cracking is not easy to occur.

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