Seasonal parsley and cultivation management

Cockroaches, also known as parsley, are traditionally cultivated in autumn and winter, and should not grow in spring or summer. However, Wang Xiangbao, a senior agronomist at the Wangjiang County Economic Crop Technology Research Institute in Anhui province, cultivates a new variety, the Four Seasons, which is resistant to heat, cold, high quality and yields.
First, characteristics:
The main roots of the scented citrons of the four seasons are coarse, with white and green leaves, lanceolate cotyledons and clustered roots. Plant height 26--28 cm, degree of development 15-20 cm, short stem was cylindrical. Plants weighing 10-16 grams, aroma, fiber, very few, excellent products. It has strong heat resistance and cold resistance, and its advantages are more obvious in high temperature seasons. It is a species with high economic benefits in off-season vegetables.
Second, cultivation and management:
1. Site selection and site preparation: This species does not require strict soil, but it is better to cultivate sandy loam soil with good water retention and fertilizer retention. In combination with 2,000 kg of organic fertilizer in Mushi, 50 kg of cake fertilizer and 30 kg of high quality compound fertilizer, a deep ditch sorghum was prepared.
2. Seeding: Drill or hole sowing, spacing and spacing 2520 cm, seeding 4 --- 5 grains per hole, 1000-1500 grams per mu seeding, cover with 1--2 cm thick soil after sowing, and keep the soil Wet, if sowed after soaking at 20 °C, seedlings are more ideal.
3. Field management: The seedling stage grows slowly, and the true leaf grows faster after it grows. Due to high summer temperatures, pay attention to irrigation, top-dressing should be light, with 0.3% urea poured with water. Seedlings were harvested 25-30 days after planting and 15 to 20 cm in seedling height. Once top dressing was harvested once per harvest, spraying with 20 ppm of ninety-two days before harvest could increase yield.

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