Waxy corn cultivation techniques

1. Fertilization for soil preparation

In the field preparation must be done under the real loose, intensive cultivation, to avoid the emergence of uneven; Mushi farmers manure more than 2000 kilograms, phosphate fertilizer, carbonic acid, each 20 kg.

2, timely sowing

It should be isolated from other corn. Before sowing, the seeds must be sterilized: soaked or priming with clarified lime water or 50% carbendazim 500x for 7 to 8 hours. Spring sowing March to April; Summer sowing June to July (Gregorian calendar). Should be sowing method, row spacing 83 cm, spacing 30 cm to 40 cm; 1.5 kg per mu, planting 3000 to 3500. Grab early planting is best to use fertilizer mulching film covering cultivation or seedling transplanting.

3, seedlings make up seedlings

After the emergence of seedlings should be checked in time, if there is a lack of seedlings, should be timely soaked germination planting.

4, top dressing, field management

At the time of 4 leaves, 20000 kg of manure water and 5 kg of carbonic acid were used to chase small seedlings. When jointing, mu cakes or tung cakes were used 25 kg and urea 2.5 kg topdressing and weeding and weeding; 9 leaves must be topdressed. "Tapping fertilizer", mu urea 12.5 kilograms. Pest control with ordinary corn.

5, timely harvest

The harvesting period is generally 18 days to 23 days after pollination, and the grain moisture content is about 70%. When harvesting, the corn stalks are smashed together with the loquat leaves; they are timely sold or processed after harvesting.

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