How to grasp the temperature of edible fungus culture materials?

How to grasp the temperature of edible fungus culture materials?
It may be normal for the temperature to rise rapidly above 70-75°C in the early stage of fermentation, but it should be turned over immediately, and the high temperature above 75°C cannot be maintained for a long period of time. Otherwise, the nutrient concentration of culture materials will be greatly depleted and the yield will be affected. In the later period, according to the different requirements of the temperature of different edible fungi, take measures such as removing the cover, increasing the density of punching holes, replenishing the water, reducing the height of the pile, and tipping over to control the temperature within an appropriate range. When the temperature of the material rises to about 65°C, it can be tipped over for the first time and turned over again in 3-4 days. The overturning interval of the Agaricus bisporus pile is slightly longer.

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