Eight tips to prevent problems fruit

1. Choose fruit that has been certified by a national specialized agency or certificate of origin, pollution-free fruit, green fruit, and organic fruit. These fruits that have been certified by state agencies are strictly controlled in accordance with relevant requirements during production management, and the use of pesticides has been strictly controlled, with fewer pesticides.

2, buy fresh, seasonal fruit. Fruits that have been stored for a long time or that have a bright surface are subject to fresh-keeping. The added preservative is a fruit preservative that will remain in the fruit. At present, many fruits have been preserved, such as oranges, bananas and grapes. It is best to buy fresh, seasonal fruits that have not been preserved.

3, for fruits not far from the seasonal season, we must pay more attention to whether it is ripening. The ripening agents used at this time generally have a certain harm to the body. For example, products ripened with ethylene will show too uniform coloring, and products that are matured with sulfur dioxide will generally have sulphur odor remaining on the surface.

4. For off-season fruits that are far away from the season, growth is generally promoted through the use of hormones. These fruits also have some fancy shapes that can also be avoided by purchasing at the time of purchase.

5, to buy seasonal fruits, especially some berry fruits, they are not easy to preserve, traders to prevent economic losses caused by fruit rot, so in the use of preservatives, preservatives is even more not ambiguous.

6. Soak and clean before eating. Before the fruit is eaten, the fruit should be washed as much as possible, and the surface cleaning can effectively reduce the pesticide residue. You can choose a special detergent for fruit or add a small amount of edible alkali to soak, then rinse with water several times.

7, eat to peel. Drug residues are mainly concentrated in the skin of the fruit. Since many pesticides are insoluble in water, simple soaking still cannot solve the pesticide residue. Peel the skin as much as possible to remove the pesticide residues in the fruit skin before eating.

8, rotten fruit do not eat. After the fruit is rotten, it will produce some of mycin, such as phytoside, that will harm the human body. It is not enough to only remove the rot when eating, because the phosporin has spread to the unblemished part, so it is best not to eat rotten fruit.

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