The Essentials of Planting Seedlings for Spring Corn

In view of the drought conditions in the spring maize production area in our province, the scientific use of effective public opinion, and actively doing a good job in seed selection, sowing, fine soil preparation, timely sowing, and so on, it is crucial for the spring sowing of corn to preserve seedlings and harvest.

I. Introduction of improved varieties The main cultivation cultivars were Denghai No. 9, Dandan No. 9 and Zhengdan 958 in Yulin City, which were planted with Qinlong 14, Shendan 16, Jinnong 118 and Zhongdan No. 2 respectively. Actively promote the promotion of Xianyu 335, Hunong 101 and Xingyu 998.

Weibei Spring Broadcasting Area was mainly planted with Shendan No.16, Yuyu No.22 and Xingyu No.998, and was matched with grower list No.10, Hudang No.2000 and No.3 North No.6, and Jinnong 118 was actively promoted.

In Hanzhong and Ankang City, Zhengyu 203, Yuyu 22, Sanbei No. 6, Linao No. 1, Zhongbei Hengliu and Yanyu 13 are the main cultivars, and they are planted with Nongda 95, Denghai 11, Dongdan 60, and Bo. FENG 109; Active demonstration and promotion of Jinnong 118, Qinlong 14, Ganlong 18, Jinsui 888. Planting No. 4 Huanghe and Anyu No. 9 in alpine mountainous area.

In Shangluo City, Denghai No. 11, Lin'ao No. 1 and Yuyu No. 22 are the main planting varieties, and they are planted with Nongda 108, Nongda 3138, Qinao 23, Shangyu No. 2, Zhengda 12, and Xingyu 998. It is forbidden to use Yuyu 22, Nongda 3138, and Zhengda 12 in the recurrence area of ​​large spot disease.

Silage corn is dominated by Yayu No. 8 and it is planted with Shaanxi No. 1 and Nongda 108.

Second, the fine soil preparation before planting in the winter on the basis of soil preparation, depending on the soil fertility and sensation, again ploughing, irrigation, fertilization, and other measures to make a fine land preparation. Corn is generally not suitable for continuous cropping. Choosing wheat, beans, etc. is preferable.

Third, the timely sowing of soil moisture this spring is poor, to be timely sowing, with 5-10 cm soil temperature stability at 10-12 °C is appropriate, early sowing temperature is low, evaporation is small, good sensation, favorable seed water absorption . In drought-stricken areas, it is necessary to wait for the rain to sow seeds. The Weibei dry spells are best sown in mid-April and late sowing should not be later than the end of April.

Fourth, sowing methods Corn seeded with a variety of guns to pay attention to cover the hole with soil, so as not to run rakes and seeds and soil contact poor and poor emergence. When the soil moisture is poor, we must dry out the seed and use the deep-seated ditch to sow the soil with a shallow cover to encourage seed germination. Fertilizer application should avoid contact with seeds to cause “burnt seeds”, and pay attention to the appropriate amount of chemical fertilizers. Immersion of seeds coated with corn will reduce the effect, which will cause the liquid to hurt the embryo and affect the germination and emergence. The coated seed will have better direct sowing effect.

Fifth, sowing depth of sowing depth is generally 4-6 cm is appropriate. Poor lyrics can be used to "seed water" sowing the seedlings to preserve the seedlings. In short, the pods should be shallow and the pods should be deep.

Sixth, timely release seedlings corn seedlings must be promptly put seedlings, but also insist on putting "green" does not put "yellow." Generally, the seedlings should be planted on sunny days at 9-10 in the morning, and then sealed with soil after the seedlings are released to prevent the film from burning seedlings.

VII. Control of Pests Maize seed coating has a good control effect on the underground pests, but the seedlings are vulnerable to bite hazards after unearthing. Areas with heavy pests should be treated with soil or sprayed to prevent pests.

Eight, timely management of corn seedling seedlings found after lack of seedlings, timely transplant or replanting, and strive to full seedlings. In the period of five or six leaves, we must pay close attention to the fixed seedlings, pay attention to cultivating and weeding, and lay a good foundation for high yields.

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