Sugarcane digging storage method

Digging storage method is used to preserve sugarcane species, not dry, not rotten, not degenerate, sprouting eyes full planting in the spring of next year, high germination rate. The method is:
The site is selected to sit north to the south, surrounded by high-grade no-corrosion weeds, termites, and insect-free highlands. In the south, a hollow brick wall measuring 3 meters in length and 2 meters in height is built. It can be used to sit south or sit on the back of the house facing the east. Walls or gables do the back wall).
Dig a pit in the north of the wall and dig 2m deep, 1.5m in width, and 2m to 3m in depth. Dig the mound around. The bottom of the pit is high in the north, low in the north, slightly inclined, and dig at the lowest point. About 1.5 meters long outlet pipe, buried in the outlet pipe (outlet pipe diameter of 30 cm, 1.5 meters long, open the inner section of bamboo), outlet pipe outlet 50 cm thick fresh sugar cane leaves, to prevent the invasion of cold wind from the nozzle . Place a few pieces of sugar cane leaf inside the water pipe to prevent sand blocking the mouth.
Choosing sugarcane with large internodes, no insect eyes, and no damage, can be stored separately from sugarcane sold at the side of the cellar or stored in the next spring, and must not be stored together.
Storage (1) Collection of sugarcane into the cellar: 2 to 3 days before the beginning of frost, clear the roots of sugarcane to cut the leaves and lift it upright, tilt it 30 degrees into the cellar, place the row 2 centimeters from the root, and fill the gap with sand. The river sand should not be too dry, nor should it be too wet), and the roots should be placed at the top of the cane to fill the cane, fill the gaps and smooth, and then refill the sand, the cellar will be full. After the pit is finished, the cane tip will be filled with sand 40 Centimeters and piled into a convex shape with sand in the middle of the pit. (2) Insulation and rain protection: Cover it with fresh sugar cane leaves to form a poncho (avoiding straw, because of easy-to-carry rat damage), then cover a layer of film, and press a layer of cane leaves on the film to keep warm and prevent water leakage. (3) Taboo: People who store pits can't drink, they can't pour something fermented like wine, and they can't have lime inside. (4) After the pit is finished, dig drains around it, put bamboo on the wall, place under the ground, cover the heavy tarpaulin, wrap the whole cellar, compact the tarpaulin with soil on all sides, and form an airtight insulated storage tank. Branches prevent winds. This can be safely stored for the entire winter season. Pay attention when you leave the pit. As soon as the cellar is opened, it is necessary to take one stop, and it is not possible to take one break and rest for ten days and a half months. After taking sugar cane every day, it is sealed as it is.

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