How to manage the cross-regional operating locomotives in other cities

The implementation of cross-regional operations is a social service work of the agricultural machinery management department. It includes organizing local locomotives to go out and receiving locomotives from outside to local operations. Since 1996, the agricultural machinery department of Xiaogan City successfully organized a cross-regional operation of the harvester after completing the local harvest of wheat and rice. It has experienced the development process of taking the county out of town, crossing Xiaogan and stepping out of Hubei, and gradually explored A new way of organizing cross-regional machine harvests, but in receiving local harvesters and combine harvesters to local operations, especially during the harvest period of 2003, a large number of high-performance combine harvesters from outsiders entered Xiaogan City and exposed some management problems. . How to properly guide and strengthen management has become a new important task for the agricultural machinery sector under the new situation. This article discusses how to do a good job in the organization and management of locomotives across the region.
I. The main problems existing in the cross-regional operation of locomotives in other cities include: 1. The number of locomotives in locomotives outside the border is large and there are many “scrambling machines”. With the gradual formation and expansion of the agricultural operation market in Xiaogan City, the number of locomotives entering Xiaogan’s operations has increased year by year. In 2003, the number of exotic locomotives reached 530. Except for a few places (such as 110 in Rugao City, Jiangsu Province), these locomotives came from the agricultural machinery management team. The rest of the locomotives entered the Xiaogan City in the form of “scattering machines”, which caused a certain negative effect on the market of machine-receiving operations in Xiaogan City. influences. 2. The nephew operators do not rely on the local agricultural machinery management department to flow blindly. Xiaogan City is a large agricultural city, with an area of ​​over 170 thousand hectares of middle-late rice planting each year, and about 80% of the area suitable for mechanical harvesting. After entering the Xiaogan City on the 107th and 316th National Roads, the nemesis manipulators were reluctant to obey the management of the local agricultural machine department and were blindly flowed without fully understanding the city's planting area, topography, machinery and cross-region operations. After both sides of the national highway are cut first, there is no destination transfer. Wherever they go, they are cut and how much they are cut. This increases the number of transfers and consumes time, manpower, and material resources, affecting the economic income of the operators. 3, the job market is chaotic, and the operators are competing to reduce prices. As the "blind stream" machineman took a shot and changed a place, the "good fields" on both sides of the national highway (ie, the fields that should be harvested by the machine) were wiped out. Sometimes, in order to win the right to harvest, foreign operators, between outsiders and local operators, have to keep operating costs and compete for prices. In fact, they suffer from their own hands. The low price of the operation is a good thing for the peasants, but on the other hand it hurts the interests of the pilots. This situation has existed for a long time, and it is likely to cause a shrinking of the job market and a decline in the level of mechanical harvesting (the other day the outer-hander will not come again). This requires the agricultural machinery management department to strengthen macro-management, standardize the operation market, maintain the interests of the operators, and further increase the mechanization level of rice harvesting. 4. The leadership of a few local agricultural management departments is not well-understood, measures are not effective, services are poor, supervision methods are not rigid, and there are phenomena of letting go of their own, especially in places where there is no “foot” in townships. We must take effective measures and do a good job in cross-regional operation and management of locomotives in other cities. Second, strengthen the countermeasures for trans-regional operation and management of locomotives in locomotives: (1) Raise ideological awareness and strengthen organization and leadership. The gradual expansion of the mechanical harvesting market in Xiaogan City and the peasants' increasing demands for machinery operations will provide cross-regional operations. Extensive space. However, at this stage, the low level of agricultural machinery and equipment, poor mechanical performance, and unreasonable allocation of agricultural machinery in Xiaogan City are far from meeting the requirements of agricultural production. Therefore, the use of foreign resources and the introduction of locomotives to participate in the mechanical harvest in Xiaogan City is a great thing for the peasants to be satisfied and the operators happy. Cross-regional operation has become a new function and task for the agricultural machinery management department under the new situation. In particular, when the locomotives in other cities are operating in Xiaogan City, how to manage the cross-region operations of locomotives in other cities and protect the interests of farmers and operators is the responsibility of the agricultural machinery management department. We must raise awareness of the importance of trans-regional operations of locomotives in foreign countries, establish a sense of the overall situation, overcome localism and local protectionism, earnestly perform management services for locomotives, maintain order in the market, and provide high-quality, high-quality products for outsiders. Full service. Mainly do three aspects of the work: First, do a good job of receiving work. When the harvest season arrives, the agricultural machinery management department must set up a cross-area operation reception station at the entrance to the county to help the locomotives in order to move smoothly. For the locomotives transferred by the formation, it is necessary to provide assistance so that they can transit safely and smoothly. For locomotives temporarily parked or occupied in urban areas, it is necessary to coordinate the urban management department and conduct evacuation in a timely manner to provide convenience for them. For a locomotive that is contracted for introduction, an intermediary service organization holding an intermediary qualification certificate shall carry out the operation with the machine. For scattered foreign locomotives, they should be incorporated into the operational teams that have arrived in the early stages, unified management, unified formation and operational tasks to prevent their blind flow and disorderly operations. The second is the scientific dispatch of exotic locomotives. All localities should conduct scientific scheduling based on the estimated amount of demand. The areas with large locomotives are less frequent and the areas with small locomotives are less or less. Local locomotives do not adjust as much as possible, and efforts are made to balance supply and demand so as to ensure the locomotive workload and minimize the number of locomotive transfers. Time, improve locomotive work efficiency. In order to avoid the contradiction between low-performance locomotives and high-performance locomotives, the conscious use of protective measures, appropriate delineation of certain "special zones" to meet the operational needs of low-performance locomotives, and to avoid the local (mostly low-performance locomotive) operators and There was a clash between the outside (usually high-performance locomotives) operators. The third is to crack down on fraud. Foreign operators are unfamiliar with the workplace. In the course of operations, the phenomenon of “dead goods to the ground” (unrestricted price reduction) and local people’s unreasonable obedience (without repaying or paying less after harvesting) do not rule out the phenomenon that the interests of the outsiders are not obtained. Guarantee. Therefore, the agricultural machinery management departments at all levels must further strengthen the supervision and management of the cross-regional operation market, and actively strive for the support and cooperation of the public security, transportation, and price departments, so as to create a good machine receiving working environment. Severely cracked down on the illegal acts of loitering on locomotives and intercepting extortionists. 2. Strengthen supervision and management, standardize the new situation that the operation market faces a large number of foreign locomotives entering the market of Xiaogan City's machinery and operations. We must proceed from fostering, standardizing, and perfecting the cross-regional operation market, and constantly research and explore, blaze new trails, and further strengthen cross-regional cooperation. The supervision and management of the operation market, do a good job of macro-control, standardize market behavior, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of peasants and peasant hand-drivers, especially foreign-owned operators, and do a good job in cross-region operations. In the specific work, we will mainly increase four efforts: First, we will increase the efforts to organize and manage the intermediary organizations for the engine revenue collection. With the continuous expansion of the machine-receiving market in Xiaogan City, various types of intermediary service organizations have emerged. However, there are still many aspects that need to be improved and strengthened in actual operations. To promote the healthy development of various types of intermediary service organizations in line with the principle of “actively encouraging, vigorously supporting, correctly guiding, and administering in accordance with the law”, we shall gradually form county-level promotion stations as leading, township agricultural machinery administrators, large agricultural machinery manufacturers, and agricultural machinery associations. The village cadre as the main intermediary service network provides a wide range of services for the operators. The first is the qualification. We must strictly implement the Interim Measures for the Administration of Inter-regional Operational Intermediary Organizations of Agricultural Machinery in Hubei Province. Enterprises, public organizations, or large-scale agricultural machinery operators and agricultural machinery service organizations that have non-executive agencies qualified as legal persons shall report in accordance with relevant procedures, and The Agricultural Machinery Administration approved and issued the “Intermediate Qualification Certificate for Inter-regional Operation of Agricultural Machinery in Hubei Province” and implemented the annual review system. It is forbidden for units (organizations) or individuals that have not obtained intermediary qualifications for cross-territory operations to engage in inter-regional operations intermediary services. The second is to strengthen the construction and development of intermediary organizations. The technical service personnel of the intermediary organizations should be trained in policies, laws, and regulations related to cross-district operations and maintenance and maintenance techniques for the combine harvesters in order to continuously enrich and improve their policies, knowledge, and operations. The third is the establishment of an intermediary organization's credit files, detailing the basic situation of the technical service personnel of the intermediary organization, commanding the provision of service vehicles and communication tools, service quality, performance of work contracts, compliance with laws, and service charges. After the machine harvesting work is finished, the county-level agricultural machinery management department shall conduct inspection and assessment of the inter-regional machine-receiving intermediary organizations. For those intermediary organizations that have violated regulations or extortion and oppression of foreign operators, they must withdraw the "qualification certificate." The second is to increase the supervision of the cross-regional operation market. A well-maintained job market order is a basic prerequisite for the healthy development of cross-region operations. The blind flow of “bulk machines” has caused continuous disruption to the cross-regional operation market, making it difficult to fulfill operational contracts, unbalanced supply and demand in the operation market, and difficulties in ensuring the interests of operators, which has seriously affected the smooth progress of cross-region operations. We must put an end to the “scattering machine” from the source, mainly focusing on the two links of the issuance of “cross-regional operation permits” and “scattered machine” governance. First, in accordance with the "Administrative Measures for Cross-District Operation of Combine Harvesters," the "Operation Certificate" will not be issued for a combine harvester that does not participate in the formation of a team. This will require the strict control of the agricultural machinery management department in other countries. Secondly, the agricultural machine management department of the lead-in machine should selectively sign the lead-in agreement with the over-the-counter agricultural machinery management department based on the organizational situation of the foreign locomotives over the past years, and establish a relatively stable supply-demand relationship so as to reduce the occurrence of “scattering machines”. At the same time, it is strictly prohibited that non-license, no driver's license, no cross-region operation permit, and not to participate in cross-regional operations team combine harvesters and operators to participate in cross-regional operations. For the “bulk” that has reached the local area, it is necessary to adopt a method of grooming, and on the basis of propaganda and education to speak about policies, responsibilities, and consequences, follow the wishes of the heavyweights, and integrate them into unified management and operations. While governing “scattered machines”, the management of machine-receiving operation prices is also crucial for the cultivation of cross-regional operation markets. Based on the principle of neither increasing the burden on farmers nor harming the interests of the operators, we must work out the cost of the combine harvester to work out the prices that can be accepted by the peasants and that the combine harvester can easily accept. Determined after voluntary negotiation (can float within a certain range), strive to be relatively reasonable and relatively stable, ensure the legitimate interests of the operators, supplement the management and management, reduce costs, improve the locomotive integrity rate, attendance rate, to achieve The maximization of the operator's economic efficiency promotes the steady development of the cross-regional operation market.
The third is to increase cross-regional operations safety production management. During the inter-regional operation, there are many periods of agricultural accidents. We must not take it lightly. First of all, the technical status, safety protection devices, driving licenses (annual inspections), and cross-district operation certificates for external locomotives (including local locomotives) shall be checked by the driver’s authority for the physical defects of safe driving and his valid driving documents. It is not allowed to combine, inferior, without the "agricultural machinery promotion permit" and unqualified safety combine harvesters to enter cross-district operations in Xiaogan City, to plug the hidden dangers of agricultural machinery safety accidents, and ensure smooth operation of cross-regional operations. At the same time, in the operation and transfer of the combine harvester, it is necessary to strictly follow the operating procedures to ensure the safety of operations, especially in the operations of reversing the land, turning, etc., must be light and slow to prevent the bags from being thrown and bruised. Stay behind the car to avoid safety accidents. The fourth is to increase the quality of machine operations and management. In order to achieve high yields and harvesting of grain, it is necessary to carry out standardized operations and standardized operations in accordance with the "Quality Standards for Rice Combine Harvester Operation" so that the total loss rate, impurity rate, crushing rate, cutting height etc. are all set Within the scope, ensure the quality of work. 3. Innovating Service Mechanisms and Regulating Service Behaviors The Agricultural Machinery Management Department shall strive to achieve innovation through service mechanisms, service modes, and service methods with the aim of “serving for the hands and satisfying the operators” and providing efficient and high-quality for foreign operators. service. Mainly do three aspects of work: First, information services. Prior to the arrival of the harvest season, we organized a special survey class for information and went deep into the village groups, farm families, and fields. We conducted surveys and investigations on the local planting conditions, the maturation period, the area suitable for aircraft harvesting, topography and landforms, and road conditions, and we were very aware. According to the number of locomotives in the area, the number of locomotives to be introduced will be measured and information will be issued. Whenever a group of locomotives come to the outside, they will provide driving routes to the pilots, announce service phone numbers and contacts, guide them to arrive at the destination as soon as possible, and promptly invest in operations. The second is intermediary services. All types of intermediary service organizations must sign assignment contracts with the outside operators (priority for signing contractors) according to the actual situation of each place, and clarify the responsibilities and obligations of both parties. Doing a proper amount of locomotive introduction, scientifically coordinating the dispatch, strictly fulfilling the contract, guaranteeing the work area, resolving contradictions and disputes, and guaranteeing logistical services, we are happy to be able to meet the needs of the rest of us. The technical service personnel of the intermediary organizations shall be listed on the license (the “Combined Harvester Operation Market Management Service Certificate” issued by the county-level agricultural machinery management department) and be subject to supervision from all walks of life, the general public, and the operators, and in particular the collection of intermediary fees. We must strictly implement the regulations of the Provincial Price Bureau and resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of paying heavy fees and services, charging only for services, and paying more for services. The third is technical services. During the harvest, the municipal and county agricultural promotion departments should give full play to their strong technical strengths, set up a special machine service line, and carry out on-site maintenance services so that they can be on call and do not mistake the time of farming. Maintenance, supply and marketing departments must adhere to 24 hours of business, all-weather services to ensure urgently needed machine revenue.

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