Driver eye care five methods

1. Turn the eyes around the eye and turn it about 10 times in clockwise and counterclockwise directions. Then open your eyes and turn your eyes up, down, left, and right about 10 times.

2, the use of double-finger with both fingers to the inside of the nose on both sides of the nose as a starting point, along the eyebrows around the eyes around the eye massage 24 times, way from light to heavy, beginning and end should be gentle.

3, iron your hands to rub against the palm, immediately after the heat will be hot palm pressure on the eyelids 1 minute, repeated 3-5 times, this can effectively eliminate eye fatigue and prevent vision loss.

4, head traffic clearance, body upright, relax the eye, flat as far away, in order to achieve the goal, relax the eye, correct vision blurred effect.

5, practice to sit in the head motionless, so that the eyes quickly scan around to within sight of what they can, can improve the sensitivity of the eyes. Concentrate on 10 different objects for 10 seconds, and then list the names and sequence of objects that you see. This allows the eyes and brain to quickly focus on these things, which will improve the eye's ability to respond.

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