Microbial fertilizer technology project

â—† The bioactive organic fertilizer is a high-tech product developed by Beijing Shencai Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. It is a high-efficiency bio-fermentation agent for the production of high-quality organic fertilizers and bio-organic fertilizers. Because it contains a variety of bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, and yeasts that have special functions, these bacteria are fermented and compounded together by a special process. They do not antagonize each other and cooperate with each other. They can be used as starters or as additives. Therefore, it is a compound biological agent and has its unique advantages. *

â—†Ingredients: The miraculous microbial fertilizer consists of nitrogen-fixing bacteria, phosphate-solubilizing bacteria, potassium-releasing bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria, actinomycetes, and beneficial microorganisms such as yeast and Bacillus. The number of beneficial bacteria is more than 2 billion/g.

â—†Effects and Efficacy: 1. The fertilizer has significant functions of fixing nitrogen, dephosphorizing and releasing potassium, and promoting crop growth. It can increase the output of field crops by 10-20%, increase the yield of vegetables and fruits by more than 10-40%, increase the production rate by 100%, and reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers by 10%-30%. It is an ideal green food special fertilizer strain. 2. It can promote the crops to mature 3-5 days and improve the disease resistance of the crops. 3. Improve the quality of crops (such as increasing the sugar content of watermelons) and reduce the carcinogenicity of crops, especially reduce the nitrite content in vegetables. It is an ideal fertilizer for green foods. 4. Long-acting fertilizers. After applying the fertilizer, as in the establishment of a biochemical plant in the roots of plants, the nitrogen in the air is constantly fixed and converted into nitrogen that can be absorbed by plants. It can decompose phosphorus and potassium in the soil, activate the soil, and reduce soil compaction. , To achieve the purpose of fertilizer land. 5. Reduce investment and increase output. The application of the fertilizer strain can reduce the application amount of chemical fertilizer by 10-30%, and the effect of increasing production can reach more than 10%.

â—†Use as additive and dosage: 1. Seed dressing: first put the seeds into the container and then pour the quantitative amount of biological fertilizer bacterium, first dry stir, add a small amount of cold water, mix and mix thoroughly, if the machine sowing can add some water, and appropriate enlargement sowing, so that normal Sowing amount. Dosage: 1kg/mu. 2. Addition: When sowing, the biological fertilizer bacteria can be mixed with the quantitative bottom fertilizer per acre, and then the bottom fertilizer can be used as the base fertilizer after being applied to the container or in the box. Dosage: 1-2kg/mu. 3. Spraying: It can be sprayed at heading and filling stage. The biological fertilizer bacterium is fully mixed with water and the water is diluted 50-70 kg per kilogram of the preparation. Dosage: 1kg/mu.

â—†Use as a starter: A variety of crop straw, melon vines, livestock and poultry manure, leaf weeds, vinegar vinegar residue, saw foam, wine slag, vinegar residue, soy sauce residue, bean cake, etc. Slag, powder residue, bean curd residue, bone meal, bagasse, waste from slaughterhouses, and urban and rural life waste quickly become organic fertilizers. Fermenting one ton of finished organic fertilizer requires only two kilograms of compound fermentation bactericide, ranging from one week to as many as two weeks, and all waste can be turned into green, ecological organic fertilizer. The fermented and decomposed fertilizer contains not only the large, medium and trace elements required for the crop, but also nitrogen-fixing, phosphate-resolving and potassium-solubilizing functional bacteria, and is non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting, and does not burn root or burn seedlings. To prevent soil compaction and fertility, it is applicable to all kinds of soils, all kinds of crops, and has superior superiority to other chemical fertilizers. It has significant effect on improving product quality and increasing crop yield.

Fermentation fertilizer operation process: 1. The general amount of 0.2% - 0.3%. 2. Raw materials and requirements: Main materials: Livestock and poultry manure, fruit residue, mushroom residue, distiller's grains, furfural slag, tea slag, sludge and other bulk materials, such as pomace, furfural slag, etc., should be adjusted to PH in advance with quicklime. The value is around 7. Accessories: rice bran, sawdust, baking powder, straw powder, etc., dry, powdery, high carbon can be. 3. The ratio of raw materials: Ingredients: Accessories = 5: 1-3: 14. Water control in 50% -60%, hand-grip materials into a group without water droplets, let loose. 5. Mix this product, main material and auxiliary materials as required. 6. Stacked at least 4 times at a time, height above 1 meter, ambient temperature above 15°C. 7. When the heap temperature rises to 50°C, it will begin to tip over once a day. If the heap temperature exceeds 65°C, it will be tipped over once more. 8. Comprehensible signs: The temperature of the heap is reduced, the material is loose, there is no original odor of the material, there is slight ammonia smell, and white hyphae are produced in the heap. 9. Decomposed raw fertilizer: directly used to produce commercial organic fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, biological organic-inorganic compound fertilizer and so on.

◆Precautions: 1. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not expose to strong light. Dry only when used for seed dressing. Do not expose to sunlight. 2. This product can avoid mixing and mixing with strong acid, alkali, volatile chemicals and fungicides. 3. When spraying, it is best to avoid rain before and after spraying. 4. The use of this product can reduce the application of fertilizer 10-30%, base fertilizer reduction ≤ 20%, top dressing reduction ≤ 50%. 5. Fermentation Use this product according to different materials, ambient temperature, moisture content and other conditions, adjust the dosage as appropriate.

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