Nearly 28,000 people in Malaysia infected with dengue fever this year

Release date: 2007-08-29

Nearly 28,000 people infected with dengue fever in Malaysia this year ------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------
The Malaysian Ministry of Health announced on the 19th that as of the 14th of this month, Malaysia had nearly 28,000 cases of dengue fever this year, an increase of 52% compared with about 18,400 cases in the same period last year. Ma Health Department said that from 8 to 14 this month, there were 1052 cases of dengue fever in Malaysia, of which 999 were ordinary dengue fever and 53 were hemorrhagic dengue fever. The situation of dengue fever was still grim. Among the newly added 1052 cases, Selangor ranked first with 325 cases, followed by 173 cases in Kelantan, Kuala Lumpur ranked third with 134 cases, and Johor ranked fourth with 77 cases. Dengue fever is an acute viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes. Typical symptoms are fever, headache and joint pain. Dengue fever is divided into normal dengue fever and hemorrhagic dengue fever, which results in higher mortality.
—— Information from: Meditech Medical Network

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