South China Botanical Garden to produce herbicide-resistant transgenic rice

The South China Botanical Garden has used transgenic technology to successfully develop herbicide resistant bar transgenic rice and anti-aging transgenic PSAG12-ipt rice. According to reports, transgenic technology can be used to separate specific genes such as insect resistance, disease resistance, anti-aging, and herbicide resistance from rice, plants and microorganisms into rice varieties, so that rice can produce traits that it does not have. It has made it possible for breeding experts to pursue the directed improvement of rice, thus opening up a new way for rice breeding.
The transgenic bar rice cultivated by the South China Botanical Garden was successively approved by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2003 and 2004 for the experiment specified in the “Implementation Measures for the Safety Management of Agricultural Biological Gene Engineering”. In 2005, it was officially approved for production trials. By using this result, the purity of hybrid rice seeds can be quickly and accurately identified, and the purity identification procedure can be simplified while the purity identification cost can be saved. At the same time, the research results are used in hybrid rice cultivation, safe production, risk reduction, and mechanized seed production. And chemical weeding and other aspects have important application value.


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